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Murder City Devils – In Name and Blood

Murder City DevilsIn Name and BloodAll hellfire and brimstone, the Murder City Devils unleash torrents of rye-soaked, blistering noise on In Name and Blood. Beaten along mercilessly by Leslie Hardy's warbling, drunken keyboard incantations, In Name and Blood will have you quickly reaching for a bottle of cheap booze, your lucky strikes, and … [Read more...]

Swingset – Young Armstrong

SwingsetYoung ArmstrongQuick: When someone says "space travel," what's the first thing that pops in your mind? 2001, you say? The Space Shuttle? If you happened to say "Barbarella," then this disc might be just what you're looking for. (And for the record, God help you.) The theme of this four-song EP seems to be space exploration: Neil … [Read more...]

Sloppy Meateaters – Shameless Self-Promotion

Sloppy MeateatersShameless Self-PromotionOh great, another Southern California pop-punk band with enough attitude and the desire to play three-chord punk and get laid. Can you say Blink 182? Ah, but wait a minute, on second listen, this is a lot better. On third listen, I'm rocking out. It's pop-punk alright, but I have really come to dig this … [Read more...]

The Shins – "When I Goose-Step" b/w "The Gloating Sun" 7"

The Shins"When I Goose-Step" b/w "The Gloating Sun" 7"Now this record feels like it belongs in the 1960's. No cover, the big whole, and 45 rpm speed set the stage, but even the music sounds like it belongs in the 60's. But it actually just takes heavily from that era, building wonderful, light pop songs that you can't help … [Read more...]

Milemarker – Frigid Forms Sell

MilemarkerFrigid Forms SellWhat exactly do you call Milemarker? New-wave? Hardcore? Industrial? Some odd, completely new hybrid of all of those forms of music? Probably the latter, because Milemarker are not easily defined. Milemarker is probably the band for the new millennium, combining traditional rock and hardcore sounds with synthesizers and … [Read more...]

Sourtooth – Split 7"

SourtoothSplit 7" Oh, this wasn't what I expected at all. From the cut-and-paste, black and white cover and the feel of this 7", I was expecting something dire and punk-heavy. Instead, both The Makeshift Conspiracy and Sourtooth are powerful, post-punk rock bands that really blew me away. The sound here is very northwestern, ala Sleater-Kinney … [Read more...]

Lazycain – July to October

LazycainJuly to OctoberLazycain's first album seemed to be an interesting mixture between the angular, DC style of rock and the louder, faster style of emo that was so popular at the time. It was an excellent album with some brilliant songs and some that were just fun rock. But it seems they never managed to get the recognition they deserved, and … [Read more...]

Permissionslip – Jealousy Rules

PermissionslipJealousy RulesThis is the fifth Permissionslip release sent to DOA, and each one keeps getting better. It's not often that you can watch an artist develop, especially one so willing to experiment and play with different styles as does David Watlington aka Permissionslip. This, Watlington's new EP, is his best and most consistent … [Read more...]

Right Direction – Bury the Hatchet

Right DirectionBury the HatchetAh, just when I thought hardcore was evolving (this coming in the wake of new releases from Boy Sets Fire and One King Down), along comes Right Direction to show me the meaning of respect once again. Good old Victory Records. Don't they ever run out of bands like this? I mean, come on, you know what kind of band this … [Read more...]

One King Down – Gravity Wins Again

One King DownGravity Wins AgainJust when I was running out of intelligent hardcore to listen to, One King Down crashes into my mailbox. Yes, you guessed it, in the same vein as Coalesce and (the heavier moments of) Boy Sets Fire, One King Down play intelligent hardcore with more than just power chords and "respect" in mind. You see, so much … [Read more...]