Various Artists – You Make Me Smile

Various Artists
You Make Me Smile

How can someone not like a comp? Out of sixteen, seventeen, or 21 songs in this case, there has to be at least one song for everyone. For fans of poppy, airy music that makes you want to stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower in the spring of 1966, this is the CD for you. Ooo la la baby, grab your beret.

I’m such a sucker for a harmonic “ba, ba, ba” imbedded in a swooning pop love song, and from the moment this disk begins, it delivers tons of “ba’s”. Majestic, Le Coupe, The Palm Songwriters – they all deliver the ba’s o’ plenty. I think I have fallen in love with The Brittle Stars. Girl vocals so sweet they could make Rose Melberg blush. Speaking of Ms. Melberg, listen for the band Cartwheel who could easily be mistaken for an insturmental version of The Softies.

The Castaway Stones who grace track No. 7 have Pam Berry of glo-worm, Black Tambourine, and not to mention Chickfactor fame. If Heavenly/Marine Research’s Amelia Fletcher sang in Japanese, she would be the girl from Los Fresnoes Rebeldes, track No. 10.

I have to admit that on first glance at this CD, my initial reaction was that my knowledge of most of the bands was very minimal. However, I would now like to thank Shelf Life Records for bringing some of these otherwise unknowns into my little life. After hearing the way The Acid House Kings sing the word “Eleven,” I can die a happy pop-addicted woman.

The compilation is entitled You Make Me Smile, and that is exactly what it does.