Permissionslip – Here She Comes / There She Goes / Speaker Wires EP

Here She Comes / There She Goes / Speaker Wires EP

David Watlington has an interesting idea. He’s putting out a new Permissionslip EP on CD every month this year. That’s not so hard to do if you do all the recording and instrumentation yourself. But then again, being inspired that often may be more difficult.

If you haven’t read the earlier Permissionslip reviews, Permissionslip is one man and a keyboard/synthesizer. Some of his earlier songs were a conglomerate of keyboard sounds and muzzled vocals. But they’re all fairly unique and have enough grooves to dance to. As his work develops, you actually get to hear Watlington singing, with varying success, and the music gets a bit more involved and experimental. It’s fun to watch a musician develop and get better.

“Her She Comes / There She Goes” slightly feedback-outs the music, but the music is pretty good, driving and more urgent at parts, more 80’s poppy in others. This is a pretty catchy song you can’t help but bop to. I think “Buffalo Twitching” might have some of the best PS vocals yet, really going all out with a slightly more chilling feel. And finally “Bloody Mary” is a little odd, especially with double vocals, but the guitar used here makes this probably the most accessible track, nicely flowing and slightly folkish and just a little off-kilter.

Speaker Wire: Man, “Celebrating 3 Years of Resentment” takes me back to the 80s, with that synthesized beat behind a more organ sounding keyboard, the vocals clear and totally perfect for the style of the music. “Injun Head Games” is odd, at times sounding off-kilter but actually possessing of a nice little subtle groove. The vocals here are a bit off, though. “Sapphire Crush” is about the most normal song that I’ve heard Watlington do, with some actual piano in here (plus some synthesized 80’s sounds too). It almost sounds like guitar on “Anarchy’s Patience,” which also has an 80’s groove behind it. The vocals do leave a bit to be desired. Then there’s a nice instrumental that would probably be the best PS song yet, if it had words.

Each Permissionslip release so far is getting better. If you like your music lo-fi and as indie as they come, you should check this out. Watlington is making some groovey, synthesizer rock on his own, and he’s doing it better and better.