Archives for June 2000

Frenesi – Au Citron 7"

FrenesiAu Citron 7"Frenesi's music reminds me of the bossa-nova, bouncy, 50's inspired music played by some musicians and made modern through strong songwriting and nice vocals. Frenesi sings in French, and she has a lovely voice. I can't help but hear Pizzicato 5 in the bouncy, fun rhythm throughout here, but the music is much deeper than … [Read more...]

Moods for Moderns – Two Tracks Left EP

Moods for ModernsTwo Tracks Left EPMoods for Moderns are a compact little three piece out of Plymouth, MI (a sub of Detroit, and damn near to my hometown as well), and knowing how Plymouth is, let's just say this is arguably the coolest thing to come out of Plymouth ever. "Two Tracks Left" is Moods' debut release on Doghouse records, and it … [Read more...]

Permissionslip – Here She Comes / There She Goes / Speaker Wires EP

PermissionslipHere She Comes / There She Goes / Speaker Wires EPDavid Watlington has an interesting idea. He's putting out a new Permissionslip EP on CD every month this year. That's not so hard to do if you do all the recording and instrumentation yourself. But then again, being inspired that often may be more difficult. If you haven't read the … [Read more...]

Various Artists – You Make Me Smile

Various ArtistsYou Make Me SmileHow can someone not like a comp? Out of sixteen, seventeen, or 21 songs in this case, there has to be at least one song for everyone. For fans of poppy, airy music that makes you want to stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower in the spring of 1966, this is the CD for you. Ooo la la baby, grab your beret. I'm such a … [Read more...]

Pearl Jam – Binaural

Pearl JamBinaural You remember Pearl Jam right? Those stubborn Seattle rockers who brought grunge to a stadium near you? You know, their fans are always in backwards caps, some of them still wearing flannel shirts and ripped jeans like its 1991. They're those platinum selling radio whores who've spent an entire career telling Ticketmaster and MTV … [Read more...]

Scattergun Reflex – Laughing at a Dead Man

Scattergun ReflexLaughing at a Dead ManWith Scattergun Reflex, there may not be a method to their madness, but there's definitely a madness to their method. These 10 songs, spanning 55 minutes and all instrumental, are just about all over the place. Blasts of guitar noise, blaring drums, low-end bass, and chaotic meanderings are interspersed with … [Read more...]

Modesty – Thank You For Smoking 7"

ModestyThank You For Smoking 7" Modesty is from Mykoping in Sweden, and they play a style of emotional post hardcore rock that could be emo or could just be a style of driving melodic rock. There is sort of a feel that these guys may be influenced by rock a few years ago, as if they're taking that driving melodic rock in a slightly different … [Read more...]

Flare – Celebrate the Misery 7"

FlareCelebrate the Misery 7"Flare, led by singer/songwriter LD Beghtol, is one of those bands that creates a style all their own. Making full use of Begtol's baritone bass, Flare pulls off all the low ends of the music spectrum. These songs are slow and somber, at times sounding almost gothic in their heavy bass feel and at other times … [Read more...]

Moral Crux – The Side Effects of Thinking

Moral CruxThe Side Effects of ThinkingMoral Crux is from Portland, OR., and they are a punk rock band. Let there be no doubt about that. This album is somewhat of a reissue of songs recorded in 1988 and 1989, although apparently it never received wide release or recognition. Also, according to the press that accompanied the CD, the band is taking … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Beluga … On the Rocks 3

Various ArtistsBeluga … On the Rocks 3It's tough to review compilation albums, especially ones that are two CDs long. But that doesn't mean it's hard to listen to this compilation of 36 very unique songs. What Beluga Records has done is to cull a batch of very unique bands, all presumably from Chicago, a veritable mecca of rock these days. It seems … [Read more...]