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Various Artists – Mute: A Hush Records Instrumental Compilation

Various ArtistsMute: A Hush Records Instrumental CompilationThe advent of powerful personal computers has really changed the face of music today. No longer is it expected that in order to have a band, you have to gather a few likeminded musicians, find a place to play without disturbing any neighbors, practice every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, … [Read more...]

Sweeder – Swallowed by the Sun

SweederSwallowed by the SunSweeder is a band filled with three musicians who have been playing around the indie scene for a while, albeit in relatively obscure bands. Jeff Carleton and Chiyoko Yoshida both played in a band called Squash Blossom, and the third musician, Julie Liu, played in Rex as well as guesting on albums by indie luminaries … [Read more...]

The Olive Group – Blue EP

The Olive GroupBlue EPPost-Parlo says The Olive Group incorporates elements of The Sea and Cake and Dressy Bessy, but I think that sells the band short. Rather than encorporating jazzy elements and cute pop elements, The Olive Group is a band that incorporates a little of everything, including the light indie rock of bands like Silver Scooter and … [Read more...]

Fontanelle – S/T

FontanelleS/TFontanelle was formed from the demise of Jessamine, a similarly hard to categorize band. Like many of the bands on Kranky, this is all instrumental and very free. You get the sense that these four musicians - two guitarists, keyboards and drums - are amazingly talented and are recording these songs as they just jam in a dark, likely … [Read more...]

The Blood Brothers – Denver – Double Entendre, CO – 2000-06-22

The Blood BrothersWhere: Denver - Double Entendre, CO.When: 2000-06-22It was about 7:30 p.m., but the temperature was still in the 80s, and inside this tiny record shop amidst a crowd of scenesters, most obviously under the age of 18, the temperature must have been closer to 100. Some all-girl, no bra-wearing emo band was playing reasonably well in … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Hydroponic Mascara, Vol. 1 7″

Various ArtistsHydroponic Mascara, Vol. 1 7"Hey, kids, it's the indie rock compilation series with the funny name! With the Hydroponic Mascara series, Mr. Whiggs is dishing up some very indie rock. It's not the heavily polished stuff that gives you the impression the band has been playing it for years, but it still comes across with hooks and … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Flag: A Hush Records Compilation

Various ArtistsFlag: A Hush Records Compilation"There is no revolution here. Just something that has been going on for a while quietly." Those are fitting words to adorn the back of this compilation CD, and Hush is a fitting label name to represent these artists. Because this music is hushed, soft, contemplative, and entirely non-offensive. And I … [Read more...]

At the Drive-In – Split EP

At the Drive-InSplit EPEverything I had heard told me that this would be a great EP. It was touted as At the Drive-In and Sunshine, with At the Drive-In obviously the better known band and thus carrying the promotional duties. But Sunshine, they said, was a popular band from Germany or the Czech Republic (I've heard conflicting reports) that played … [Read more...]

Six By Seven – The Closer You Get

Six By SevenThe Closer You Get This was one of those albums that grew on me with every listen. At first, I somewhat dismissed it as typical guitar-heavy, attitude-heavy British rock, taking cues from the Clash and Sex Pistols. And while that's true, I've come to appreciate the band's foray into electronic sounds, and I've also come to appreciate … [Read more...]

Modest Mouse – Night on the Sun 12" EP

Modest MouseNight on the Sun 12" EPFirst of all, a couple misconceptions, seeing as how this EP is a limited edition and has not been talked about much that I have seen. Yes, these are all new songs, all recorded during the recording session for the band's Epic debut, A Moon and Antarctica. No, this is not the Japanese import that people have … [Read more...]