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Reggie and the Full Effect – Promotional Copy

Reggie and the Full EffectPromotional Copy Do not be fooled by the cover of this CD (as I was). If you were to walk into your local indie record shop (those delicious little morsels of DIY goodness that they are), you could actually buy Reggie and the Full Effect's Promotional Copy. This side project of Matt Pryor and James Dewees (Get Up Kids) … [Read more...]

Lou Reed – Ecstasy

Lou ReedEcstasyThis is a really tough review for me to do. What you have here is an artist with a backlog of material spanning 20 years, none of which I have heard. That's right, this is actually the first time I've ever heard a Lou Reed album. I'm going to assume that there are other punks out there similar to me, so here's a quick summary: Lou … [Read more...]

Red Elephant – More Sounds From Spaghetti Westerns

Red ElephantMore Sounds From Spaghetti WesternsRed Elephant are something of an aberration, just like their name suggests. An odd blend of bass-heavy funk, guitar-driven rock, cello-centered soft ambience and vocal-oriented folk combine to bring something that is original and yet oddly familiar. You feel like you could have heard some of these … [Read more...]

Shelter – When 20 Summers Pass

ShelterWhen 20 Summers PassShelter was probably the first hardcore band I ever really got into. Two albums back, I was enthralled with their driving guitars and shouted vocals that never were shrieking or screamed. There were serious melody incorporated into these songs too, and they were damn catchy in spots. I learned that singer Ray Cappo was … [Read more...]

Zoothead – Songs for Gray Areas

ZootheadSongs for Gray AreasSongs for Gray Areas is a somewhat fitting title for this band's second full-length album from the oddly named Zoothead. The album's artwork is gray and smoky, and the songs are fitting, at most times. Droning, somewhat dreamy rock is mixed in with moments of improvisation and all out fuzz-rock power for an interesting … [Read more...]

Bedhead – Macha Loved Bedhead Bedhead Loved Macha EP

BedheadMacha Loved Bedhead Bedhead Loved Macha EPIt often happens in rock where the members of two bands will become friends. When they have similar styles of music, you might get common tours or maybe even a split release. It's possible that some members will even contribute to the others' recordings. Of course, it's very seldom that one band will … [Read more...]

Doug Gillard – Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department (Fading Captain Series, #4)

Doug GillardSpeak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department (Fading Captain Series, #4)Firstly, for those who have not already figured this out, this is a Guided By Voices record. Robert Pollard writes a lot of songs, and, as fans and critics alike will agree, we're eventually going to hear all of them. Judging by the fact that this guy's throwaway … [Read more...]

The Search for Saturnalia – S/T EP

The Search for SaturnaliaS/T EPThe Search for Saturnalia like astrological and astronomical themes. These symbols and signs are all over this band's first release. It provides a nice backdrop for music that is both intense and complex. Saturnalia play a kind of driving/melodic post-hardcore rock that verges between emo and hardcore without really … [Read more...]

New Wet Kojak – Do Things

New Wet KojakDo ThingsNew Wet Kojak are just what I want every band to be: different. This band was formed by two members of Girls Against Boys and members of Edsel and Gray Matter. With some time to kill and some inspiration fluttering just outside the bounds of traditional rock-n-roll, NWK have crafted their third full-length album, and it's … [Read more...]

Mighty Purple – How to Make a Living

Mighty PurpleHow to Make a LivingIt's hard to be impartial toward anything by this band. I stumbled across this Connecticut band when they opened for a local favorite in Washington, DC, and I bought one of the full-lengths cuz the guys were so nice when I talked to them after the show. Turns out, they became one of my favorite bands. Now, after one … [Read more...]