Midtown – Save the World, Lose the Girl

Save the World, Lose the Girl

This album is one hell of a rock and roll adventure, with Gabe Saporta from Humble Beginnings, Rob Hitt from The Royalties, and Heath Saraceno and Tyler Rann from Nowhere Fast forming the band we now know as Midtown. These New Brunswick boys have made it far in their careers. Soon after they formed Midtown, they released The Sacrifice Of Life EP on Pinball Records. After touring and supporting the EP, the band hit the studios once again, but this time with producer Mark Trombino (Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, etc..) to record their full length CD on Drive Thru Records, Save The World Lose The Girl.
In an effort to promote the CD, the band is touring with big names like A New Found Glory, Rx Bandits, Fenix TX, Fastbreak, H2O, Saves The Day and many others. They have also recently recorded a video for their hit single “Just Rock And Roll.” The insert design and layout is really cool. I like the whole New York skyline picture and the whole setup it went through.
Midtown fuses tight harmonies, smooth melodies, and emotional charged lyrics mixing rock and roll with pop. The band’s sophomore album, Save the World, Lose the Girl, is one of the best pop-punk/emo records I have ever heard. This album has everything you could want: fast hard punk, an acoustic song, even a song that’s right about 30 seconds long.
Save The World, Lose The Girl features 12 songs along with a little hidden treat. The first song “Just Rock And Roll” is a perfect example of Midtown’s smooth melodies mixing up their vocals in the verses. The song has a fast pace and an upbeat sound to it with a nice little breakdown towards the end and an exceptionally strong harmony at the end with all the vocals sung together. “Frayed Ends” is one of the best acoustic songs that I’ve heard by a band recently. The song only lasts 1:42, but after you scan to 4:44, you can hear the final song by this band. There are no lyrics, but the complexity in the drumming, guitar and bass all make it a great song. It is a bit harder then most of the songs on the CD, but its still kicks ass.