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The Velveteens – Marveline

The VelveteensMarvelineThe Velveteens are primarily Amy and Meagan Alwood, two sisters with very strong, well-trained voices. After playing for several years either by themselves or with various other musicians, the band finally formalized their line-up for their first full-length album. What you have here are some lofty, almost orchestrated pop … [Read more...]

Smart Brown Handbag – Just Like Driving Backwards

Smart Brown HandbagJust Like Driving BackwardsI don't know why it's taken me so long to review this album. Perhaps because I tend to remove the album from the pack I take to work every day after it's been reviewed, and I secretly didn't want to stop bringing this one to work. This album reeks of guilty pleasure. It almost feels too slick and too … [Read more...]

Spy vs. Spy – Little Lights

Spy vs. SpyLittle LightsSpy Vs. Spy have to be the shining torch of the emo scene in England. Honestly, although I've read reviews of others, I can't think of another. But this band has it down pat, crunching more passion and feeling into their complex rock songs than most bands can get out of a post-arena rock party. Their first EP drew more … [Read more...]

Major Matt Mason USA – Me Me Me

Major Matt Mason USAMe Me Me On Me Me Me, Major Matt Mason makes marvelous music. How's that for alliteration? After spending years playing guitar in noise rock and math rock bands, Matt Mason sold his amp and began recording on his own with his acoustic guitar. The move was apparently a good one, because you can do a lot with just an acoustic … [Read more...]

Ladytron – Miss Black and Her Friends EP

LadytronMiss Black and Her Friends EP If you read my review of Girlfrendo a while back, you would know that I don't normally dig foreign, keyboard-oriented pop bands but do make an exception. Girlfrendo was such an exception. Labelmates Ladytron are, to some extent, as well. The British-based Ladytron is completely milking the keyboard resurgence, … [Read more...]

Chris Gallegos – Lemon Songs

Chris GallegosLemon Songs I shouldn't tell you anything about Chris Gallegos. I should just let his music speak for itself. But then, since you can't hear the music right now and you're unlikely to find this CD on your listening station at Tower Records, I suppose it's the job of the music reviewer to fill you in. Chris is a young man who is … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Hydroponic Mascara, Vol. 2

Various ArtistsHydroponic Mascara, Vol. 2A better collection of indie pop gems you'll never find on CD, I proclaim. This collection of 22 songs cover the gambit from more well-known indie rockers Elf Power and Doug Gillard with some lesser knowns but equally good artists like Oval-Teen and Marmoset. This is all about what makes indie pop unique and … [Read more...]

Elliott Smith – Figure 8

Elliott SmithFigure 8Musically, Figure 8 picks up its stride directly from XO, Smith's previous (and excellent) release - angry, at times shimmering pop music. On their own, the harmonious interplay between Smith's lilting voice and the rockin' sunny-afternoon guitar (and piano and string arrangements) reveal him as a worthy heir to the Alex … [Read more...]

Fu Manchu – King of the Road

Fu ManchuKing of the Road"Hey, dude, Mountain is on the phone, and they want their sound back." One thing to know about Fu Manchu - people either get it or they don't. The listener shouldn't expect to hear innovative guitar parts, thought-provoking lyrics, or even vocal melodies. This is what I call a "guilty pleasure," the musical equivalent of … [Read more...]

Sleater-Kinney – All Hands On the Bad One

Sleater-KinneyAll Hands On the Bad OneIf you don't who Sleater-Kinney is by now, you probably live under a rock (this is something you might want to check on). These three ladies have received praise not only from mainstream rock critics (Spin, Rolling Stone) but from nearly the entire underground community. They've been one of the first riot grrrl … [Read more...]