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Mary Timony – Mountains

Mary TimonyMountains"Mountains," Mary Timony's first solo venture into the world of narrative introspection, is a glimmering gem brought to us this spring by Matador. The CD is seductively stark, and it draws you in with it's simplicity. The whool being pulled over the listeners ears is that, in actuality, there is not a simple thing about this … [Read more...]

Permissionslip – Rock the Available House / Burning Index

PermissionslipRock the Available House / Burning IndexYou can do some interesting things with just a keyboard and a four-track. David Watlington, aka Permissionslip, is one of those many people out there who uses the keyboard but manages to make some interesting music. A cross between electronica and rock, Permissionslip is lots of assorted … [Read more...]

Sister Sonny – Lovesongs

Sister SonnyLovesongsThe first time I listened to Sister Sonny, I was at work on a busy day, and the album drove me absolutely crazy! What was going on here? Was this rock music? Why was it so quiet? And I put the album aside. The next time I listened to it was at 2:00 in the morning in a semi-dark room, and it floored me. The bass was turned up … [Read more...]

Kilowatthours – Lessons in Time Management 7"

KilowatthoursLessons in Time Management 7"Oh, this is good. Featuring an ex-member of Falling Forward and Elliott, Kilowatthours have released an EP and now this limited edition 7-inch single. Despite some poor production quality on this record, this band shines. Creating a mix of emo and flowing rock, they manage to pull together each … [Read more...]

Glossary – Stop and Start and Go 7"

GlossaryStop and Start and Go 7"Glossary is a pop band from the south that doesn't play southern rock. I'm sure there are many pop bands from the south who have mastered not sounding somewhat tritely southern, but Glossary is the first that I know of to show off their southern roots without slipping into Lynyrd Skynyrd deep south rock and … [Read more...]

Paris, Texas – "Silver" b/w "My Week Beats Your Year" 7"

Paris, Texas"Silver" b/w "My Week Beats Your Year" 7"Before Paris, Texas released their full-length album, So You Think it's Hot Here?, on Polyvinyl, they were on Snapping Turtle. A lot of people were dissappointed by their throw-back and somewhat cold feel on their full-length album. It was evident what too much production … [Read more...]

Juno – This is the Way it Goes and Goes and Goes

JunoThis is the Way it Goes and Goes and GoesLet me just start this review by saying that lately I have been impressed with just about everything Desoto Records has put out. Between this record, the Burning Airlines album, and the new Dismemberment Plan album (if you don't have that album, stop reading, turn off your computer and go buy it), this … [Read more...]

Panama – S/T

PanamaS/TPanama is another one of those bands that is doing something a lot of rock/pop bands aren't doing these days. It's an almost intangible item, but it's enough to make them unique and, doubtlessly, fun. This Philadelphia band formed from other Philly bands Caterpillar, Moped, Sonny Sixkiller and Meringue. They play some catchy and infectious … [Read more...]

Pinehurst Kids – Minnesota Hotel / Viewmaster

Pinehurst KidsMinnesota Hotel / ViewmasterA lot of people are making comparisons between the Pinehurst Kids and The Get Up Kids in reviews. Other than the fact that both end in Kids and both play rock, there really aren't that many similarities. Quite a few other people are blasting Pinehurst Kids for sounding unoriginal and bland. I have to … [Read more...]

The Mercury Program – From the Vapor of Gasoline

The Mercury ProgramFrom the Vapor of GasolineThe way instrumental bands are becoming popular these days almost lends me faith in the whole belief that rock and roll is, indeed, not actually dead and that its fans are not completely brainless radio drones. Because, in fact, for every rip-off hack artist, there seems to be another amazingly talented … [Read more...]