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The Speedtrain – Split 7"

The SpeedtrainSplit 7"This split 7-inch has two Kentucky pop bands combining for an album that will wear out your shoes tapping them on the floor and give you a crook in your neck from bobbing up and down. Pontius CoPilot put two new songs to vinyl, and they're a bit more consistent here, branching out a bit with some piano and some different … [Read more...]

Rumah Sakit – S/T

Rumah SakitS/TRumah Sakit might fit into that oh-so-obsequious category of post-rock, but it's really more of a prog-rock thing. This album full of instrumental tracks runs the gambit from a heavy, aggressive math rock to a subtle and more melodic jazzy sound. The band, which shares their bassist with Tarentel, can sound at times quite similar to … [Read more...]

Pretty Mighty Mighty – Famous Past Lives

Pretty Mighty MightyFamous Past Lives Pretty Mighty Mighty are one of those bands that you feel like you should have heard of long ago. Their style of music is exactly what I was searching for a short time ago when the emo-rock/pop sound was new and fresh to me. (Now I search for all music.) Combining the melodic nature of emo from bands like … [Read more...]

Fuzzy – Hurray For Everything

FuzzyHurray For EverythingI first heard Fuzzy several years ago on their debut album for a major label, I believe Atlantic. It was around 1994, and the alternative scene was just starting to edge into the mainstream and away from college indie rock. Female-fronted bands were everywhere, with bouncy pop merging with edgy rock. Fuzzy, I thought at … [Read more...]

Pontius CoPilot – "Calcium" b/w "Take Me Away From Buffalo" 7"

Pontius CoPilot"Calcium" b/w "Take Me Away From Buffalo" 7"Pontius CoPilot, first of all, have a great name. And, sometimes it's all in the name. But these guys have talent too, so it's ok to dig the name. This is a pop band with some originality, equally comfortable driving forward with wailing guitar and aggressive lyrics … [Read more...]

Templeton – Trash to Treasure

TempletonTrash to TreasureTempleton's a tough bird to tame. The music here runs from relatively mainstream rock to some sweet indie pop to a mass of power-rock noise. And it works in all three areas, even when they combine in the same song. I suppose that's what makes this band good, the ability to combine sounds together without sounding … [Read more...]

Starmarket – Four Hours Light

StarmarketFour Hours LightStarmarket pleasantly surprised me with this, the newest full-length album from this Swedish band. While Calendar, their last album, wasn't bad, it just didn't stand out from the host of other rock albums. It showed promise, hinting at emo melodicism and indie rock structure, but there was somewhat of a lack of hooks and … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Victory Style, Vol. 4

Various ArtistsVictory Style, Vol. 4Victory Records knows hardcore. It's just about all the do and have done, and their Victory Style series is evidence of that fact. So here we have their latest edition: 23 hardcore tracks from a relatively diverse group of bands, both well known and obscure in the hardcore community. The problem many fans have … [Read more...]

Moth Wranglers – "Turnabout" b/w "New Mission Terrace No. 47" 7"

Moth Wranglers"Turnabout" b/w "New Mission Terrace No. 47" 7"Moth Wranglers are something of an experiment by Chris Xefos of King Missile and Id Beghtol of Flare and The Magnetic Fields. Combining tape feeds and keyboard synthetics with the typical rock instrumentation, Moth Wranglers has these two musicians, and a host of … [Read more...]

The Little Band – S/T / The Bathroom Mirror

The Little BandS/T / The Bathroom MirrorThe Little Band was one of several bands Bill Foreman played in, including his solo work. With this band, formed in 1992, he plays drums and sings, and Jack Devine plays electric guitar with Will Stephens on bass. This is probably the most consistent of the recordings of Bill Foreman's work that I've heard. … [Read more...]