Mondii TP – S/T

Now this is weird. But then, I tend to say that about a lot of bands that do a lot of experimenting, like Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Mogwai, and Black Heart Procession. So maybe Mondii TP will be the next big thing, but it takes a little getting used to. What you have hear is some really interesting electronic sounds combined with some real instruments to make a montage of unique and different sounds. I’ve noticed a lot of bands have been experimenting with the more melodic experimental sounds lately, and Mondii TP is perhaps even more experimental than most.

Mondii TP is Nao Sugimoto who hails from Chiba, Japan. He developed his taste for music in Chicago but improved it in Japan, and he incorporated some of the ethnic/cultural music of Africa that he was studying at the time.

“Come Come” incorporates some deep pipe sounds and laughter over a repeated squeaky noise loop. There’s even some nature noises in the background. Now “Woody” is where the true shine of this album comes through. You’ve got a tribal beat, low and deep, sounding as if an African drummer was playing drums through a synthesizer that makes them sound more metallic. There’s even some whoops and whistles throughout, and then an African-sounding flute-like instrument kicks in, making this a thoroughly unique and enjoyable track that flows and bounces along. “Samune” has this odd, haunting howling throughout over a synthesized beat and other assorted sounds. “Different Corners” can be a bit painful, with its high pitched noises and non-rhythmic tapping beat. “JWMN” has a nice deep bass beat and some sounds that make me think of moving heavy equipment in a giant warehouse. But it flows nicely and has a good ending. “Kilmer” is soft and tinkly, with piano sounds over a soft, computerized beat and even some guitar sounds thrown in. This is definitely the prettiest song on the album.

Fans of electronic dabblings will be impressed with Mondii TP, and fans of the more tribal and experimental rhythm-based music will also find his electronic music welcome. At times it’s a bit repetitive, but overall, Mondii TP plays some really interesting music. Don’t fall into the trap of letting this music drift into the background. This is meant to be listened to attentively or risk missing the subtle sounds and twists. And check out the cover art and inside pictures. Sugimoto takes some Japanese art elements and gives them a twist all his own, very cool.