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Hell Camino – Denver – The Ogden, CO – 2000-03-29

Hell CaminoWhere: Denver - The Ogden, CO.When: 2000-03-29Sometimes, it's all about the gimmick. Does anyone remember Marilyn Manson's first album, before he/she/it started dressing like a freak and making every evil little song sound the same? No, cuz he was pre-gimmick (although the name was gimmicky). Some bands get by with talent, some strictly … [Read more...]

Saves the Day – Through Being Cool

Saves the DayThrough Being CoolA lot of people keep telling me Saves the Day sounds like Lifetime. I see some resemblance, but then, Saves the Day sounds very different to me. This is punk with a very poppy edge and some post-hardcore energy thrown in. I hear Suicide Machines in these songs, and a host of punk bands. But they manage to conserve … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Mystique: A Sealed Fate Compilation

Various ArtistsMystique: A Sealed Fate CompilationSealed Fate is becoming one of my favorite indie rock labels, despite the fact that the name of the label raises connotations of death metal. Just listen to this, a sampler of bands both on and not on their label, all to raise money for the AIDS Action Committee. This is indie rock today, heavily … [Read more...]

Rainer Maria – Wayne – Michigan Fest – Knights of Columbus Hall, MI – 2000-03-24

Rainer MariaWhere: Wayne - Michigan Fest - Knights of Columbus Hall, MI.When: 2000-03-24I really had no idea what to expect as a rode 30 minutes away from home to this so-called "Michigan-Fest" that the record store cashier had told me about two weeks prior. First of all, I don't go to many concerts, especially indie ones, due to lack of time … [Read more...]

Month of Birthdays – Lost in the Translation

Month of BirthdaysLost in the TranslationA while back, I read a review of Month of Birthdays and thought it sounded great. So I went out and bought the album, surprised to find this British band in my local indie store. I must say, I wasn't as impressed as I wanted to be. The songs were loud and driving and powerful, but the vocals turned me off. … [Read more...]

Panoply Academy Glee Club – Rah! / Concentus

Panoply Academy Glee ClubRah! / ConcentusThe Panoply Academy group changes their name with each line-up change. Going from the Glee Club to the Corps of Engineers, the band is now the Panoply Academy Legionnaires. If that's not unusual enough for you, listen to the music. Sounding as if The Dismemberment Plan, the Archers of Loaf and Modest Mouse … [Read more...]

Mondii TP – S/T

Mondii TPS/TNow this is weird. But then, I tend to say that about a lot of bands that do a lot of experimenting, like Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Mogwai, and Black Heart Procession. So maybe Mondii TP will be the next big thing, but it takes a little getting used to. What you have hear is some really interesting electronic sounds combined with … [Read more...]

Satellite Inn – Cold Morning Songs

Satellite InnCold Morning SongsWhat do you think of when you hear the label "Americana," which has been applied to bands like Wilco, Sun Volt, Uncle Tupelo, and similar bands? Well, probably American. Heh, jokes on you! Cuz foreigners can do that style just as well! And Satellite Inn prove it. This album evokes images of farms and country fairs in … [Read more...]

Star Ghost Dog – The Great Indoors

Star Ghost DogThe Great IndoorsSometimes, you just want to start off with a vast general statement to catch those people who just skim the reviews of bands they've never heard of. So let me start off by saying that this is a truly great pop album. There, got those folks out of the way. They're off to buy it, and you should too, but you can wait … [Read more...]

Shutdown – Something to Prove EP

ShutdownSomething to Prove EPThere's hardcore, and then there's New York City hardcore. Shutdown are all about the latter. New York City may not be where hardcore originated, but it might as well have been. While other bands have tread all over the style of extremely aggressive rock, there are a few bands out there that still make the music like it … [Read more...]