Savath+Savalas – Folk Songs for Trains, Trees and Honey

Folk Songs for Trains, Trees and Honey

Savath+Savalas don’t really play folk songs. Rather, these songs are more similar to the more unusual and mostly instrumental nature of Godspeed You Black Emperor! or Mogwai. But there’s much more structure here, throughout these songs, keeping them contained and flowing on track without going to 10+ minutes of sound. And this album is full of electronic noises, not as the main instrumental feature, but working very well as a backdrop to the rest of the music. This album would be perfect for trainrides or lazy days under trees eating honey. It’s mellow and flows. Just put it on your headphones and sit back and ride along.

Don’t let the intro fool you. Your CD isn’t skipping. I thought mine was. But the first real song, “Transportation Theme” has these weird electronic underlinings, perhaps in the drum beat and the wash of noise that flows and ebbs. But it’s the keyboards and guitars that make this soft song flow so well. It comes across as having a real rhythm. “Binoculars” is my favorite track, with the most impressive rhythm section, sounding like various styles of drums almost including steel drums and this cool horn sound underneath. It reminds me of Cerberus Shoal, but with a better beat. Ooo, you could belly dance to this. Well, I couldn’t. “Conditioning” is more ambient with a softer music accompaniment to that amazing electronic beat thing that Scott Herren (pretty much all of Savath+Savalas) does so well. “F Ride+Blues” does have a bluesy feel, perhaps a bit, but more of a soul feel. That great beat is here, not the same one of course. But the music is deep and soulful. You can almost hear an R&B singer ready to croon along. “Paulo” also bares some similarity to Cerberus Shoal, with an almost tribal feel to the drums and soft background noises.

Savath+Savales is Scott Herren, who has another project called Delarosa+Asora that is more electronic. Some electronic musicians like to play with all the cool gizmos and make weird noises. Some remix other people’s songs, making them faster and to a repetitive beat. Some just make noise. But it’s this kind of music that I’m all about. This is more ambient stuff, powerful and forceful while not being loud or disruptive. It flows so amazingly well and has such an amazing beat. And it’s not the 10+ minute droning songs that tend to bore you sometimes. It’s not really sit down and sleep music, but it would be great mellow music. I tend to write with this on. If you like Mogwai or GBYE! or similar bands, check out Savath+Savalas.