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Shogun – Denver – The Spot, CO – 2000-02-26

ShogunWhere: Denver - The Spot, CO.When: 2000-02-26The problem with seeing a show at a youth center is that there's bound to be a lot of youth. The benefits are there will be no smoking and the bands are likely to be completely sober. The Spot is apparently a youth center in Denver, and this show was supposed to raise money to send people to … [Read more...]

Sometime in May – S/T 7"

Sometime in MayS/T 7"Sometime in May is a duo from Massachusetts. That's hard to remember, because this doesn't feel like a duo. At least a trio. Sometime in May play a slower version of emo, the kind you might find if you combined American Football with The Promise Ring. All the melody is there, and the pop beat keeps the songs light, but … [Read more...]

Savath+Savalas – Folk Songs for Trains, Trees and Honey

Savath+SavalasFolk Songs for Trains, Trees and HoneySavath+Savalas don't really play folk songs. Rather, these songs are more similar to the more unusual and mostly instrumental nature of Godspeed You Black Emperor! or Mogwai. But there's much more structure here, throughout these songs, keeping them contained and flowing on track without going to … [Read more...]

Dave Fischoff – Denver – Monkey Mania, CO – 2000-02-20

Dave FischoffWhere: Denver - Monkey Mania, CO.When: 2000-02-20Monkey Mania is not really a club. I think it's someone's basement. But it's located in an industrial warehouse neighborhood, and therefore there's no danger of being too loud for the neighbors. It felt like we were huddled in someone's basement, while the band played in the corner near … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Big & Bothered, Vol. 2

Various ArtistsBig & Bothered, Vol. 2Label samplers are usually hit or miss. Most labels have some bands that are just so damn good and others that make you wonder if they're the label head's brother-in-law or something. And then there's just no continuity. Listening to it is very off-kilter, jumping from style to style for each song. But One … [Read more...]

Modest Mouse – Building Nothing out of Something

Modest MouseBuilding Nothing out of SomethingModest Mouse are to the American Music scene what Brit-pop is in England. Modest Mouse is distinctly American, a group that wonders, dreams and complains with sprawling, lengthy, creative indie-pop songs that could only come from some desolate town in the middle of the good old US of A. Modest Mouse's … [Read more...]

Situation at 1200 – De-Luxe

Situation at 1200De-LuxeHave you heard of My Favorite Citizen? That was an apparently short-lived band that only recorded a few songs, one of which, "Kayla Learns to Dance," was on Deep Elm's Emo Diaries II. I loved that song, the grooves, the emo complexities and lyrics. Well, Situation at 1200 is at least the former singer of My Favorite Citizen, … [Read more...]