Empire Day – Ice Cream on the Shoes of Apathy

Empire Day
Ice Cream on the Shoes of Apathy

This song takes after the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas is the Reason. “Ice Cream on the Shoes of Apathy” has melodic guitars and harmonizing vocals, which adds up to a kick ass emo/indie rock sound. It’s a mellow song with heavy buildups mixed in so the listener doesn’t get bored, unlike with a lot of indie band songs. And the slightly poppy vocals (the repetitive pre-chorus especially) makes this song easily gets caught in your head.

Empire Day is so wrapped up in their emotions that they even have a photo on their Webpage of them looking all hurt and introspective while sitting on someone’s steps. These boys appear deep and in a lot of emotional pain, won’t someone heal them?

Overall, this song is really good and on par with other bands who have been doing this style much longer than Empire Day. The fact that they sound
professional sets them apart from other bands in this genre.

Their Webpage is set up nice but is incomplete at the moment. Most of the links aren’t operational, but it does have lyrics and the photo mentioned above.