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Egoramp – Denver – The Bluebird Theater, CO – 2000-01-25

EgorampWhere: Denver - The Bluebird Theater, CO.When: 2000-01-25The first time I heard Matthew Sweet, it was right after Girlfriend was released. The sound of that wailing guitar rock, mostly acoustic, and Sweet's heartfelt voice were completely new to me. His lyrics were so heartfelt, so intense that you could tell he was singing from his heart. … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Cleaning House: A Devil in the Woods Compilation

Various ArtistsCleaning House: A Devil in the Woods CompilationI know very little about Devil in the Woods, but their line-up is fantastic. It's hard to imagine that some of these artists haven't been getting major press in the indie world. There is some serious quality indie rock on this album, and that's why you should get it. Unlike some of the … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Cincinnati Music, Vol. 4

Various ArtistsCincinnati Music, Vol. 4I have to admit, when I think of the large cities with famous music scenes, I tend to first think of Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle even. Cincinnati doesn't really come to mind. But Deary Me Records has been putting out several volumes highlighting the talent in Cincinnati that ranges from pure rock … [Read more...]

The Wolverton Brothers – S/T

The Wolverton BrothersS/TI've heard the name of The Wolverton Brothers here and there over the past years, but I've never heard their music. Apparently, they've gathered quite a following for the blend of countrified down-home rockabilly folk. This is a live album that is supposed to pull together their sound for a good introduction. Judging from … [Read more...]

Shapeshifter – Opiate Sea

ShapeshifterOpiate SeaMan, this album makes me nostalgic. Shapeshifter is a rock band, pure and simple. The guitars, the vocals, they all spell out rock band. And if you like rock bands, you're going to like this one. Because they do it well, at least as well as most on the radio and far better than some. They could be opening for Tonic or Creed or … [Read more...]

Winterbrief – Complaints from the Beauty Class

WinterbriefComplaints from the Beauty ClassI was a child of the 80s. Well, actually, I was a young child in the 70s, but I still considered myself a child in the 80s. But growing up in those years had made me thoroughly disgusted with most 80s music. Synthesizers were overplayed, and bight colors and stupid hairstyles got old quick. Of course, it's … [Read more...]

Empire Day – Ice Cream on the Shoes of Apathy

Empire DayIce Cream on the Shoes of ApathyThis song takes after the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas is the Reason. "Ice Cream on the Shoes of Apathy" has melodic guitars and harmonizing vocals, which adds up to a kick ass emo/indie rock sound. It's a mellow song with heavy buildups mixed in so the listener doesn't get … [Read more...]

Wrought: Ironsmile – This is My Song, This is My Story 7"

Wrought: IronsmileThis is My Song, This is My Story 7"First, an apology to Her Magic Field. I've had these 7-inches for well more than a month but haven't been able to review them due to turntable problems. But, when I finally did, I realized that Her Magic Field has a very varied line-up. Each of these three records is a completely different … [Read more...]