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Various Artists – Antipodes 7"

Various ArtistsAntipodes 7"I never really understood the purpose of a compilation 7". I mean, how many bands can you fit on a 7" record? Apparently, quite a few, when they play quick and emphatic hardcore. This record contains five bands that go quite well together, all playing the intense and at times unbearably fast style of hardcore that … [Read more...]

Fire Squad Punks – Hangover

Fire Squad PunksHangoverThis week, we go from heavy chaotic hardcore to snotty pop punk, from one end of the hardcore spectrum to the polar opposite punk side (In sound, I mean, not in ideology). The Fire Squad Punks have a very Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun type of poppy, fuck-you sound, which, unlike thousands upon thousands of bands, they can … [Read more...]

My First Step Towards Failure – Neil Roberts and The Fat Guy

My First Step Towards FailureNeil Roberts and The Fat GuyI was surfing around looking for some Mp3's to review, as I often do at my long hours during work. I came across a Webpage known as It has a comprehensive listing of bands in the New England area as well as shows and contacts. If you can, check it out, because Sean has … [Read more...]

Three in the Attic – Now That We Have Television

Three in the AtticNow That We Have TelevisionThree in the Attic are one of those rock bands that sorta fall between all the genres. Combining elements of punk rock, emo, and post-punk power-pop energy, this band plays fast and catchy rock. Fans of Samiam should take note, because this band has all the energy and catchy choruses of Samiam without … [Read more...]

Various Artists – When it Was as Good as Pillow Talk

Various ArtistsWhen it Was as Good as Pillow TalkAh, this album feels so much like a few years ago, maybe early 1999. Then, this would have been so new and exciting, I would have gone out to seek albums from every one of these bands. Today, their style of emo and rock have been done before. But that's not saying this music is outdated, because it's … [Read more...]

Brian Michael Roff – The Way Things Work

Brian Michael RoffThe Way Things WorkAt first listen, I decided that Brian Michael Roff is another singer/songwriter who plays his acoustic guitar and straddles that line between folk singer and country singer. After a few more listens, however, I decided that Roff must be straddling a few more fences at once. Instead of simply playing away at his … [Read more...]

Fable – Split 7"

FableSplit 7"Prepare yourself for a blistering 7" of hardcore from these two bands. If you like incoherent, emotional, and violent screams, blistering guitar assaults, frantic drumming, and a moody, angry sound, you're going to like this split from the aptly named Happy Couples Never Last. Mara'akate reminds me of a cross between Jerome's … [Read more...]

Low – Christmas

LowChristmas You've got to admire Low for releasing a Christmas album. It's not terribly in vogue to support what many people claim to be a holiday far too commercialized, and Low admits that commercialism in the CD packaging. But then, there's something about holiday music that almost anyone can enjoy, and it's obvious that Low is a big fan of the … [Read more...]

Kind of Like Spitting – Old Moon in the Arms of the New

Kind of Like SpittingOld Moon in the Arms of the NewI can't really get enough of Kind of Like Spitting, which is ok, because KoLS frontman Ben Barnett seems to be one of the more prolific musicians out there today. I believe Old Moon in the Arms of the New is the most recent KoLS album, but there may have been another album released practically … [Read more...]

Rally Boy – "I Got Dumped" b/w "Hot Diamond Crush" 7"

Rally Boy"I Got Dumped" b/w "Hot Diamond Crush" 7"This is an older one from Jealous Butcher, from 1997. Wow, that's almost four years ago. But this release doesn't sound all that old. It has a combination post punk/pop/rock feel, all merged together with loud drums, some indie-rock style guitars, and pop vocal styles. … [Read more...]