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Rainer Maria – Denver – Double Entendre, CO – 1999-06-19

Rainer MariaWhere: Denver - Double Entendre, CO.When: 1999-06-19There isn't much better than seeing a good band in a small venue. I saw Rainer Maria in a record shop. I was surrounded by 15-year-olds, but that's ok. The music quality was surprisingly good, but that may be attributable to the band. Rainer Maria play emo/indie rock that's filled … [Read more...]

No Knife – Denver – 15th St. Tavern, CO – 1999-06-18

No KnifeWhere: Denver - 15th St. Tavern, CO.When: 1999-06-18A line up like this doesn't come along too often, so I had to go. Unfortunately, it was one of those Friday nights where you're so tired, nothing seems like fun. So we got to the 15th St. Tavern (a real dive) early (and didn't have to pay!) to have a few beers and people-watch. The show … [Read more...]