Archives for April 1999

Brittle Stars – S/T

Brittle StarsS/TOk, I admit it. I'm a sucker for pretty music, especially pretty pop music. I wonder why people like listening to stuff that's so heavy it hurts your head, sometimes, when you can listen to such pretty, heartfelt music like Brittle Stars. Brittle Stars play 25 minutes of pure, sweet, unadulterated shoegazey pop on this full-length … [Read more...]

Bright Eyes – Every Day and Every Night EP

Bright EyesEvery Day and Every Night EPEvery Day and Every Night is the band's new five-song EP. This is country-tinged rock that is highly dependent on Conor Oberst's vocals. I am reminded of Will Oldham and Palace, somewhat, in that this music has a definite and palpable atmosphere and mood. It's laced with darkness, but it's not overladen. "A … [Read more...]

The Action Items – Changed My Life

The Action ItemsChanged My LifeJust as with the 4-song promotion EP that preceded it, Changed My Life thrives on simplicity. This 15 track, 35-minute release winds along a path of acoustic ditties and jangly, drum-machine backed electric numbers. The simplicity, of course, comes out of necessity, it seems. The Action Items are only made up of one … [Read more...]

The Action Items – Changed My Life EP

The Action ItemsChanged My Life EPEverything about The Action Items is simple. This EP (pressed on a cool 3" mini-CD, I must mention) came to me in a basic black sleeve with a simple black and white picture on the front. All of the fonts used on the various labels and track listing sheet are very, very basic, with everything typed in all lowercase. … [Read more...]

19 Wheels – Sugareen

19 WheelsSugareenSugareen is a pop album. It is not annoyingly chirpy pop, like Vitamin C, Britney Spears, or *NSync. It is not pop disguised as a 'punk' band, i.e. Reel Big Fish, Blink 182, or SR71. Sugareen is a well-produced, polished pop record with A LOT of crunching guitar sounds. The thick (though well-engineered) guitar sounds may keep 19 … [Read more...]