The Appleseed Cast – End of the Ring Wars

The Appleseed Cast
End of the Ring Wars

Bitter emo hardcore, beautiful, loud, and textured. This doesn’t have a slick-produced feel to it, but without that, it has power. I love this band, and End of the Ring Wars is a great name for this album. It definitely has a Tolkein-ish feel about it. . They even throw in a sax in the slower parts, which makes it even more beautiful. They take a page from Sunny Day Real Estate, but mature into their own sound. The lyrics are hard to understand, but that adds to the sound. I imagine this is a concept album, or at least a long continuing story. Several of these tracks have to be listened to in order with the rest of the album, but a few, most notably “Marigolds and Patchwork,” are singles on their own.