Archives for March 1999

The Busy Signals – Pretend Hits

The Busy SignalsPretend HitsPretend Hits will no doubt end up my soundtrack for summer. Pure and poppy, yet fresh and changing, this is my current favorite album. The second actual Busy Signals album, Pretend Hits includes pristine pop songs, soft vocals, hip-hop style beats, and modern electronic elements, all mixed in the same songs or … [Read more...]

Burn Witch Burn – S/T

Burn Witch BurnS/TBurn Witch Burn features Rodney Linderman, better known as Rodney Anonymous, of The Dead Milkmen singing and playing assorted instruments, and the release makes sure you know that. But, friends, this is not The Dead Milkmen or anything even closely resembling it. In fact, as the name of the band makes clear, this is a very … [Read more...]

Buffalo Tom – Asides from Buffalo Tom 1988-1999

Buffalo TomAsides from Buffalo Tom 1988-1999You hear a lot about college rock, but not so much any more these days, now that modern rock replaced "alternative" on the airwaves. Still, people from the late 1980s remember when REM and They Might Be Giants were only played on tiny college radio stations. That was a bit before my time. When I was a … [Read more...]

The Appleseed Cast – End of the Ring Wars

The Appleseed CastEnd of the Ring WarsBitter emo hardcore, beautiful, loud, and textured. This doesn't have a slick-produced feel to it, but without that, it has power. I love this band, and End of the Ring Wars is a great name for this album. It definitely has a Tolkein-ish feel about it. . They even throw in a sax in the slower parts, which makes … [Read more...]

The Appleseed Cast – Low Level Owl: Volume I

The Appleseed CastLow Level Owl: Volume IThe Appleseed Cast evolved from a band unsure of their abilities and sound on their first album into one that has tremendous ability and confidence on their second. Mare Vitalis, their sophomore release, was a brilliant affair of layered sounds, studio experimentation, long and complex songs, and still a … [Read more...]