Archives for February 1999

Boilermaker – Leucadia

BoilermakerLeucadiaHow can one band be so obviously influential and yet so scarcely recognized? It's a shame that Boilermaker, over its seven-year history, has gotten so little recognition. That may be because they only released three full-length albums between 1994 and 1998 and then vanished for so many years. But they're back with this … [Read more...]

The Arrogants – Your Simple Beauty

The ArrogantsYour Simple BeautyIt sounds strange to say it now, but one of my favorite albums a few years back was the Cranberries first album, Everyone Else is Doing It So Why Can't We? Songs like "Dreams" and "Linger" were different to me, just soft, pretty, dreamy songs with pretty vocals and lovely soft rhythms. The Arrogants remind me quite a … [Read more...]

The Appleseed Cast – Mare Vitalis

The Appleseed CastMare VitalisThe Appleseed Cast's first album, End of the Ring Wars, was a modern epic of post-hardcore, emo rock, off-kilter, dark, and sometimes obtruse but always perfect. The band's new album, Mare Vitalis (Living Sea or Sea of Life), doesn't seem to be a story/concept album as the first was. But it also shows a maturity and … [Read more...]

Aphex Twin – Drukqs 2xCD

Aphex TwinDrukqs 2xCDRichard James, aka Aphex Twin, has been described to me as pure genius. If you're like me, you don't really get genius. I mean, Van Gogh was a genius. So was Einstein. So is Stephen Hawking, and so was Beethovan. And while you can clearly appreciate, perhaps even love the results of those people's genius, do you ever really … [Read more...]