Vic Firecracker – Monday Car

Vic Firecracker
Monday Car

This five-song EP from Boston’s Vic Firecracker is a prime example of that city’s quintessential rock sound that its local three-piece bands can generate. It is the sound that pushed bands like Buffalo Tom, Lemonheads, and The Juliana Hatfield Three somewhere into the realm of mainstream “alternative.” Remember that word … that sound? From what is heard on Monday Car, and leaning more toward the sound of Buffalo Tom, Vic Firecracker hasn’t forgotten the potential listening appeal of a rocking, guitar-driven song that is catchy and friendly.
It was once thought that the Boston sound had as much to do with who was actually recording it instead of who was playing it. For a while (except for Juliana Hatfield’s Become What You Are), it seemed that anything and everything that verged on possible, commercial appeal and had ties to Boston was recorded by Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie. On a minor scale, I’m starting to think the same about Bob Logan and his Small Church Recordings. Funny then that the Vic Firecracker guitarist and singer should also be the man behind the soundboard at his Small Church for many of Boston’s other notable bands when time comes for them to record. Remember when you use to notice that a number of the bands you liked were recording at Boston’s Fort Apache? Well, the same is starting to happen with Small Church Recordings, and Monday Car is testament of Logan and company’s ability to not only perform, but record and engineer an indie record with major label sound.
“Monday Car” is the EP’s title track that starts off with jingly appeal and a rapid, rhythm pace. “You must have been a Monday car / I must have been a Friday Car,” sings Logan while a screamed verse from bass player Desmond O’Reilly offers, “Well, I’ll see you at the end of the line.” Though it sounds similar to the chorus of Echo and the Bunnymen’s “Lips Like Sugar,” this song is no lemon. More typical is Logan sounding like a local version of former Jawbreaker and current Jets To Brazil guy Blake Schwarzenbach and evoking the same type of sentiment in the songs “My Paper Route” and “Your Waltz.”
Along with hard-hitting Ben Hedlund on drums, Vic Firecracker offers engaging, indie-rock on a grand scale with big guitar punch, low-end bass, and mature songwriting. “Alternative” may not be what the forlorn kids will want to call it today, but who will deny Vic Firecracker’s hook-laden indie-rock when it sounds so good. Let’s hope this EP is a hint of things to come from their forthcoming full-length.