Various Artists – Rock Music – A Tribute to Weezer

Various Artists
Rock Music – A Tribute to Weezer

This is one of those CDs you REALLY need to see the whole package to properly review. With tributes, I think the jewel case represents a big piece. I should explain that there are two things you can do with a tribute. First, you can keep the song original and save its charm at the risk of being ridiculed because it sounds like a cover of a song that was better the first time. Second, you can redo the song in your own style and risk brutal disapproval of the remake. It’s just going to happen any time you take a respected band and record their music. The bands featured on the comp are great bands, and as indicated, indie bands need some recognition, so what better way to do it? Put a huge rock band’s song in their hands. Dead Droid Records had a great marketing idea here; if you are a starting up small indie label you should rush out and do a Strokes tribute quick!
If the idea is intended to introduce great indie bands to a wide range of Weezer fans, the first band Affinity ruined it. They took a great song and distroyed it. Even though I personally know this is a normally good band, anyone who didn’t would not be turned on by this track. It doesn’t display their talent in its normal setting, and I don’t think Weezer fans would turn to blithering hardcore because of this copy of “My Name Is Jonas.” You want to do a hardcore style? Try a song that somewhat works with it, I say. These are the cases where it almost becomes humorous as if the cover is a joke because I don’t even see Affinity fans doing anything but laughing.
I’d hate to think of todays youth that narrowly missed Weezer’s talent, hearing these versions first. I’m sure “Sweater Song” may sound familiar, but all of the kids buying into the bands on this tribute are most likely of high school age and possibly never heard the whole record that is Weezer’s debut release. You know how you hear a song one way and it sticks until you hear the original version and disapprove. It’s all in the initial contact with songs! I would say the goods of this compilation would be Piebald doing ” No One Else,” Grade’s “Surf Wax America,” Dashboard Confessional’s “Jamie,” and who knows about the two extra tracks on the LP that arent available on the CD. In effort to keep it nice and refrain from total personal taste, I will spare you the list of worst tracks.
If you are into the Drive-Thru/Vagrant sounds, you will most likely enjoy this tribute quiet a bit. If you are a big time Weezer fan who disapproves of the current mainstream of pop-punk music, this could be a turn off. I would have to admit it is nothing short of interesting, but hey I say stick with covering bands during live shows. Especially in the case of bands who are still active. I don’t want to say it’s not better then a lot of other shit coming out these days, or that I didn’t and won’t spend some quality time listening to it. So that pretty well sums it up right there doesn’t it? Again I would really like to see the complete package. I also heard a lot of talk of Hot Water Music being included on this tribute. What happened to that?