Various Artists – Ideas I Fail to Remember

Various Artists
Ideas I Fail to Remember

What an awesome title, right? That and the layout reminds me of the now defunked band I Hate Myself’s artwork. So what’s the whole typewriter noise about? Bad mixing? Clicking in the production, or is it intentional? Okay, it’s got to be a typewriter. The track one instrumental leads right into track two, sending a screaming, emotional train through you upon a capably good singing voice that slightly whines instead. The guitared intro moves along the same tone as Samiams’ “Nothing New.” Interestingly enough, track three moves along the same tone in guitar as Kill Creeks “Unsteady” intro. There’s a very strong voiced artist who puts a lot of push on the throat. He’s got a great set of pipes, and there is no disputing it. Cute, cute, young, and cute. Yet still he’s somehow pathetically pouring out his emotions, singing “Today I cried for hours.” The majority of songs on this release are acoustic for the first half. Just a guy and a guitar.
The exception to the mix is the band Commonplace who appear on track eight with duel overlaying vocals, a strong guitar, and a good rock sound. They’re not the greatest at hitting the high notes but a bit more pop saves this band from being boring, and actually the song structure is really awesome. Again, there’s the whole Samiam driving-type emo rock. Good stuff. The following band Grounder sound promising with the help of better production and mixing. It sounds like the bands and the songwriting are great for a lot of these artists and yet the singers are kind of blowing it for the whole thing. For instance, Grounder’s singer sounds like he isn’t putting much into it. One could picture him sitting in a chair while he sings sort of un-enthusiasticly. A suggestion would be to put some feeling into your words you are singing or write some you can stand behind with substance.
Bed Bug Empire follows with “Pop.” I’m not sure what to think of it, but they do this whole robotic vocal thing and probably jerk their head around because the music somewhat does. It sounds like a snotty kid giving you what for. Lastly is a band called The Disruptives. Much like it’s name would suggest, the band is a punk Screeching Weasels type. Not bad, sort of catchy, and duel vocals add to the quality. The chorus is strong, and the band is obviously percussion-driven with a nice guitar solo fronting some screeching licks. Though this label seems to be composing a mixture of ideas, they all have that desperation in common that says these bands are all reaching out and actually trying to say and or share something. Can’t argue with that!