They Come in Threes – Blindsided Pt. 1

They Come in Threes
Blindsided Pt. 1

We’ve all heard about the various indie-garage bands coming out of Detroit, and one certain sister and brother duo has all but surpassed The Strokes in their ability to capture an entire musical demography. What does that mean for another relative up-and-coming Detroit act like They Come In Threes? It means do not be just another garage band from the motor city. It means looking past local late 60s / early 70s rock references like the Stooges or MC5 and taking a look at what a band like San Francisco’s Flamin’ Groovies were up to around that same time. Who knows what it is that They Come in Threes did, but this debut full-length record is an amalgamation of vintage styled rock, brit-pop, and psychedelic sounds and songs titled Blindsided Pt. 1.
Stirred and not shaken, this contemporary cocktail of another era’s sound starts off bitter before settling into an appealing consistency of tasty songs. Why they chose the Spinal Tap-esque song “Dynamo” to lead off this album is beyond me. What sounds like a cut that didn’t make it on to Break Like the Wind, the voices that appear in the song’s background remind me of the scene in Spinal Tap when Nigel is picking up air traffic communications on his wireless Les Paul.
However, the following song, “Rubber Band Collection,” is lyrically silly but has earnest pop appeal and harmonies that appear elsewhere on this release and remind me of Papas Fritas. “June Starts with Monday” finds band members Chris McInnis, Roe Peterhans, Brandon White, Mark Craven, and Ryan Pritts turning up the musical phantasmagoria factor with guitar effects, synthesizer, and hand claps. With my recently discovering Parasol Records’ The Witch Hazel Sound, I can not help mentioning a similarity between the two bands and a mutual appreciation of psych-pop.
They Come in Threes can also mix in a little heavy with their heady style as is heard on “Lamplit” and “Reddish.” My preference for the latter song as this album’s best track is because of the incomprehensible lyrics (French?) and rocking pace amongst the “Oooh,” “Aaaahh” and “Woo…Wa…Wa” chorused vocal parts. Original in their ability to make it out of the very crowded Detroit garage, They Come in Threes indeed surprise me on Blindsided Pt. 1.