The Cure – Greatest Hits

The Cure
Greatest Hits

Is there a person alive today who still doesn’t show glee when the song “Just Like Heaven” comes on to the radio? Very doubtful. As The Cure front man Robert Smith put it “This collection contains the songs that are sung with a smile – the Cure’s ‘lighter side.’ At some point I hope there will be a follow-up collection to show off the best of the Cure’s ‘darker’ side.” With that said, this compilation of best hits seams to be geared toward those who know those hits and enjoy them but never really got into the band in order to purchase the full release. Many of its songs are compiled on to older releases Galore and Standing on a Beach. In fact if you put the two together, you’de have this Greatest Hits compilation accompanied by quite a bit more or what the band could stand for long-time fans such as myself.
I remember the first time I heard and saw “Love Song” on MTV in fifth grade. It wasn’t a day longer that The Cure became not only my favorite group, but my whole family’s as well. Before I knew it, my dad had Robert Smith’s postered face tacked up beside a very lengthy discography. Sure we had picture discs, photo laminates, pins, and t-shirts. What kept it going was that 12 years later a happier and more rounded Cure remains in my frequent listenings despite so much wear. So isn’t it always true that greatest hits themselves always collaborate the most purchase inspired radio hits to grab the most listeners and purchasers once again. The truth is the collector nerds and fans have already got this stuff. But what they don’t have is the second CD that make the whole purchase worthwhile right alongside the two brand new songs in the mix.
The track list looks something like this, and it should give you a good idea of how the album works. Keep in mind that the second disc is inclusive of a brand new acoustic version of these songs. First of course is “Boy’s Don’t Cry,” then “A Forest,” which I found strange if we are indeed going for the happier side of things. Anyhow, “Let’s Go to Bed” follows, then “The Lovecats,” “The Walk,” and “Inbetween Days.” How cute is it on that video when Robert makes that goofy face after singing “yesterday I got so scared I shivered like a child.” It’s hard not to remember all of these things when The Cure is as much a part of your family growing up as a member of it. So after that comes “Close to Me,” which if you haven’t seen The Cure in Orange video, the Edward Scissor hands hairdo is out and shaved heads are in, and Robert even hugs himself with a funny face on this song. Again, however, that VHS was declared boring for those non-fans of the band. For me, it was the best thing I’d ever seen.
“Why Can’t I Be You” comes next, and if you have seen this MTV video, it was definitely a cheerful one, what with blue fuzzy costumes and all. “Just Like Heaven” is stuck right there in the middle, and then “Lullaby” follows. “Lovesong,” “Never Enough,” “High,” “Friday I’m in Love,” “Mint Car,” and “Wrong Number” are then added. Then finally the climactic “Cut Here,” a recently recorded new track for the album. With trance-like beats and wonderful words, it’s hard not to wish this song was written for you. It incorporates that giddy feeling The Cure’s chipper songs always provide and lingers with passionate synth noise that always is and will the The Cure’s signature sound. It tells a classic story of love and loss in the sad but cute way that is always managed by the band and understood so deeply by it’s listeners. This song alone is worth the disc.
“Just Say Yes” is a duet, which, as far as I know, is a first for Robert Smith and The Cure. It features the likes of former Republica’s Saffron. It seems as somewhat of an argument lyrically as most duets are, but the song is wonderful and serves a great purpose as another down-hearted song hit the 18 tracks and is full of rhymes and sing along potential.
Whether it creates a yearning for more songs with memory such as “Halo,” “2 Late,” or even “The Catch,” or it just fills you in nicely, this disc has no way around a highly meaningful quality. It is The Cure, and it is that simple. Sure you heard all of these songs before, but you don’t grow tired of them. If so, you can try the second disc of acoustics on for size and make a whole new go of it. It is also told that a DVD and VHS will be released next month including the videos for for both new songs and the making of the videos. They will also include taping of some of the acoustic second disc. The news tracks are scheduled for release in the form of singles in other countries but are not available other than that in the form or promos in America. Some might wish to check for mail order or pre-orders about the Internet if the two songs are only of interest to you. I say it’s The Cure, you really can’t lose.