The Cure – Bloodflowers

The Cure

To be quite honest, I don’t know very much about the cure. I know that they’ve been around since roughly 1978, they’ve released a plethora of albums, even more successful singles, they’re more or less considered a Goth band, and that lead singer Robert Smith is far too old (I think he’s 40…40!) to be wearing lipstick. But nevertheless, when I heard The Cure’s new single, “Maybe Someday” I was impressed enough to buy the album.
This was somewhat of a mistake. First of all, I should have probably know better than to buy a complete album off the strength of one Modern Rock single. Second, I should have read at least one of the multiple Cure articles circulating now (the current issues of Spin and Alternative Press both give lengthy room for Cure histories) which all seem to lean towards the idea that the Cure are a singles band- a band that releases one or two good songs on every album, and simply makes so many albums that they are able to give themselves a lengthy career. Well, by these standards, Bloodflowers is a great Cure album: it has one good song on it.
I haven’t heard enough of The Cure’s older work to confirm what the articles say, but I will say the assessment above is about the only nice thing I can say about this CD. “Maybe Someday” is an excellent song, one of the best Cure songs I have heard (read: one of the best Cure songs to hit the radio), sounding vaguely new wave and very British. The rest of the nine song LP however (the nine songs unfortunately drone on for nearly an hour) suffer from both boring and unlistenable songs. Note to Mr. Smith and co.- it is not OK to write a horrific 11+ minute song (“Watching Me Fall”) to fill up space on your album, no matter how long you’ve been around. Every song besides the aforementioned radio song suffer from a lack of the pop melodies that make Cure songs worth listening to. They all contain very light, sprinkled guitars, atmospheric keyboards and depressing, British vocals. Maybe some people can get into that, but The Cure could at least do those people the favor of spicing things up every once in a while.
As I said before, I don’t really know enough about the Cure of old to compare this to their other work, but I can honestly say this is a boring, rather predictable album. Newer bands such as Jets To Brazil and Antarctica are somewhat successfully bringing back the new wave atmosphere, and you’d probably be better off listening to them. I have heard rumors that this will be the last Cure album. Perhaps that would be best, for it seems they have lost any creative motivation they once had.