The Casket Lottery – Blessed/Cursed EP

The Casket Lottery
Blessed/Cursed EP

I’ve compared The Casket Lottery to an odd hybrid of Braid and The Get Up Kids, and even though this infers that the band sounds familiar, I still enjoy their music. They are putting an edgy, punkish tinge on the emo sound that I have always enjoyed, and they do it well. On this release, they do it even better. Here, they discover their own sound. And it’s a very good sound indeed.
The EP starts with the title track, and this is, without a doubt, the best thing I’ve heard from this band yet. At the same time loud and soft, with crashing drums and driving guitars but subtle and restrained vocals, then breaking into bass-heavy moments of more melodic and quiet introspection, this song rocks hard. The best part are these little moments of pure, crisp, almost acoustic sounding guitar. Sure, there are still elements of that Braid meets Get Up Kids connection, but I believe this band has really taken their own approach on a song like this. It’s most definitely a fantastic rock track, and it gets me interested in the band all over again.
“Six Different Ways” is a Cure song, and yet the band doesn’t do this as an exact replication. Adding in some very 80’s sounding synths over very modern sounding guitar and drums, this song is a bridging of two different decades. The vocals, of course, sound nothing like The Cure, but that’s not important. This is a very cool song, with some great percussion and keyboard work. Even better that the band didn’t cover one of The Cure’s most famous and widely known songs.
The EP ends with “Best Man,” a Kill Creek song that was never released. Kill Creek, like The Casket Lottery, are a fast-paced emo-style band, but they tend toward the punk side of the spectrum a bit more. Still, they write fantastic songs, and The Casket Lottery do a fantastic job covering it. This song doesn’t have much of a punk feel at all, rather bringing in blazing guitars and emotionally personal lyrics. This song is upbeat and catchy, fast and powerful one moment and poppy and fun the next.
This EP represents the most recent recordings The Casket Lottery have done, and I’m thrilled to find the band branching out in their sound. While you’d expect covers to sound different, the band does them in their own style. And that style is even more clearly established on their song here. This has my mouth watering for the band’s next release. And as a side note, this EP is only available through mail order from Second Nature.