The Ben Phillips Band – Freak Like Me

The Ben Phillips Band
Freak Like Me

The Ben Phillips Band is a three-piece arrangement, that being said it’s considerably impressive that this CD has such a diverse array of instruments on it. The first three tracks remind me of Saves the Day if they had Johnny Rotten singing for them. Ben’s raspy melodic vocals make it sound as though he were Rotten’s son. It’s amusing. The title track truly does remind me of a Britney Spear’s song. It’s disgusting vile and it has a drum machine, which I hate. As a matter of fact, most of the CD has drum machines behind it. That can’t be done and have me like the CD.
“Goodbye Brooklyn” is an acoustic track that gets repetitive and is not pleasant to the ears. “Promise” and “No One Listens to the Radio” are up-beat, poppy, and the best things on this CD. To sum everything up, this band has some really good bright spots, but it all sounds the same. “Save Me Now” reminds me of the Beatles “Hey Jude,” just not as good. Its piano and organ bring something unique to the CD but nothing new to the music world.
As a matter of fact, that’s a good way to sum up this band. This CD might find it’s way back into my CD player, but I must say, it probably won’t stay there for long. As for the name of the album, Freak Like Me, it’s just the kind of name that will look good on a t-shirt that the Korn kids wear at my school. Well that being said, the CD itself probably doesn’t deserve such a scathing review, but this is what it gets. Sorry Ben.