The Bangs – Sweet Revenge

The Bangs
Sweet Revenge

I’m going to resist the temptations of obvious, easy, and only surface-level comparisons here. For one, the poor Bangs must get so sick of them. This band, even though yes the vocals are your typical female Olympianite (there’s a sibling of a Bikini Kill member in here, so I guess that is unavoidable), is more than just a power-pop female fronted trio.
Yes, there is more to The Bangs than just power-pop, but pop-punk can sometimes have such charm, and charm is something The Bangs have a lot of. There is that Ramones touch about them, but The Bangs deliver it like they were side by side with the best of the early punk bands creating this sound, not like one mimicking it years later. A very happy musical medium has been found with this band, blending today’s rock sound with the punk and even new wave of yesteryear.
Another thing that sets this threesome apart from others is ? well, they have talent. So many bands these days seem to be just a bunch of friends that said “hey let’s get together and play.” These people might have done that too, but the difference here is that they all obviously had talent to bring to the table in the first place. Sarah Utter for example, is a very powerful guitarist who can definitely stand her own. She also plays in Witchy Poo, and I don’t think the owner of Kill Rock Stars would have no-talents in his band.
Sweet Revenge – revenge on who? The people that dismissed The Bangs pre-maturely and grouped them in with the homogenized pool of Olympia bands? Reviewers who could not resist the temptation of mentioning that certain band named after a certain street? Who ever their revenge is aimed at, I’m glad it’s not me. The Bangs seem tough and armed with some real power punches. Everyone’s safest best is just to stand back, listen, and bask in their glory.