The Ataris – Look Forward To Failure EP

The Ataris
Look Forward To Failure EP

For all the kids out there who have ever made a demo tape and given it to your favorite band, hoping and praying that somehow, some way they’ll call you up and tell you how great you are and want to make a record right away, just a fantasy, right? It sounds too good to be true, but it happened to Kris Roe. Kris went to a Vandals show and gave the band a tape; weeks later he got a call from Vandals founder/owner of Kung-Fu Records, Joe Escalante, asking him to do a record for his label. Roe moved to California and put a band together with drummer Derrick Plourde (Ex-Lagwagon) and recorded Anywhere But Here (Produced by Vandals’ guitarist Warren Fitzgerald). He even got invited to tour with some of his favorite bands (Blink182, MxPx, The Vandals). If that’s not good enough, Fat Mike (NoFX) hears the tape, the Atari’s become Fat Mike’s favorite new band, and Fat Mike releases Roe’s band’s EP, Look Forward to Failure, produced by members of the Decendents.

Look Forward to Failure opens with “San Dimas High School Football Rules,” with powerful guitar riffs and solid drums that make this one of the best songs on the EP. “Not A Worry In The World” is a solid song that’s a little heavier than the rest of their songs, making them sound a little like Lagwagon. It then moves on to a song that is by far my favorite. “My So Called Life” is a funny, catchy, and just plain kick-ass song that rocks. It moves on to “My Hotel Years,” a more melodic track with great vocals and an acoustic entrance, and the album closes out with “That Special Girl,” a funny track about finding the perfect girl.

A lot of bands can make funny songs, a lot can make songs that rock, but rarely will you find a band that can combine the two as well as the Atari’s can. Since the release of Look Forward to Failure, the Atari’s released a new LP, Blue Sky’s, Broken Hearts Next Twelve Exits. I urge everyone to go buy it and their Look Forward to Failure EP. Come on, its only 6 bucks; you got that in quarters in your sock drawer.