Skycam – Minutes Into Days EP

Minutes Into Days EP

This five-song EP by Skycam is soft and somewhat ambient in structure. Opening track “Hope For This Town” is kind-hearted with its U2-ish guitar beginning and Jejune-ish transient sounds. Singer/guitarist Trevor Bajus sings lightly, almost as if in the background, leaving the music thicker and stronger. This especially occurs when the piano enters into the spotlight. This band has a lot going on to suit the technical listener while remaining unagressive enough to provide relaxation. It’s very reminiscent of Jet’s to Brazil’s “Conrad” in the sound of the synthesized background, often turned foreground.
Song two, “How it Started,” is a bit thicker with raw guitar streams and a more obvious vocal track. Lyrics as well as arrangement suggest a more poppy song, guitar-driven and drenched with solos and muscle. Bassest/keyboardest Denise Finnegan’s voice comes in faint at times, opting for the theme of love unrequited. The quietness of her singing makes it hard at times to decipher whether it is indeed her or just an organ performing a muffled whisper.
I will have to admit the slower songs such as “Flycatcher” are more to my liking. Trevor has a very low voice and seems to use it well within these songs. The background of Denise’s voice in this track makes you wonder what she is capable of or if she will front a song. At times she sounds very much like Juliana Hatfield in her child-like Lemonheads backups, and you wish she would continue.
The last and climactic tune is a friendly soft-pop beat. Slide guitar licks are reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr., and again the vocals take on more strength. This is easily the catchiest single on the release, with a chorus of ” things weren’t going my way, but I feel luckier today” and sapping guitar shredding into the core of an emotional ending. It’s a great lead right into the first track again.
Skycam play shows regularly around New York and seem to be a popular item with college radio in that area. I can’t imagine their live show would be that exciting, but if you are anything like me, excitement is not high priority in musical performances at all times. It is listed that they also have a demo titled You’ll Never Know How Close You Came, which was recorded in 2000 and doesn’t indicate any availability.