Rainer Maria – Past Worn Searching / Look Now Look Again

Rainer Maria
Past Worn Searching / Look Now Look Again

Rainer Maria, along with Braid, is the backbone to the Polyvinyl label. They play emo music in the line of Jejune and perhaps Mineral. Like Jejune, Rainer Maria combines male and female vocalists, but unlike Jejune, they usually do not sing together but alternate vocals in the same song. These songs are quite beautiful, with lots of melodic guitars and piano thrown in, but it is very poorly produced. It sounds almost minimilistic, making the vocals extremely difficult to understand and losing some of the instrumentation in the background.
Thankfully, the new album, Look Now Look Again, is much better produced and much more of a solid album than the band’s first album. Look Now features female singer Caithlin De Marrals’ voice much more than compatriat Kyle Fischer, which is a plus, I believe. Fischer’s voice chimes in, sometimes trading lyrics with De Marrals’, making an intriguing mix that the first album only hinted off. These are indie rock songs that are heartfelt and intriguing, solid pop songs with emo lyrics. The drums, supplied by the trio’s third member, fit in well and carry the songs.