Pop Unknown – Summer Season Kills EP

Pop Unknown
Summer Season Kills EP

The Gloria Record and Pop Unknown released similarily-lengthed EPs about the same time, and both contain major contributing members of one of my favorite bands, Mineral. Coincidence? I don’t know, I just think it’s interesting. While The Gloria Record sound like Mineral a step further, Pop Unknown sound like they’ve gone a different direction. This band takes more from Texas is the Reason and Jejune, and maybe even The Get Up Kids, than Mineral or Sunny Day Real Estate. This album has five pretty, catchy, poppy songs bordering on the emo of the above-mentioned bands, but also pretty straightforward rock. None of these songs is quite as pretty as the band’s contribution to the Emo Diaries II, but it’s a solid, catchy, fun album. Unfortunately, it’s only about 22 minutes. Word is, they’re working on their first full length. I’m not sure if I like all these EPs or not. I sometimes think the band rushes things when they put out an EP and then take two years for a full length. But this is definitely a good band to watch for.