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Damien Jurado – Ghost of David

Damien JuradoGhost of DavidDamien Jurado has always acknowledged his debt to British folk singer Nick Drake. Recently in his live set, Jurado has made jokes about having songs appear in Volkswagen commercials, just before performing a surprisingly reverent, straight ahead version of Drake's "Pink Moon." On his previous album, Rehearsals For … [Read more...]

The Donner Party – Donner Party Complete Recordings 1987-1989

The Donner PartyDonner Party Complete Recordings 1987-1989 It's all Nirvana's fault, really. Before "Nevermind" changed the way the music industry viewed what was then known as "college rock," bands didn't stand a chance of gaining widespread acceptance. So they chugged along, doing their own thing, in towns like Minneapolis, Austin, Athens, and … [Read more...]

Dark Fantastic – Goodbye Crooked Scar

Dark FantasticGoodbye Crooked Scar Does Mark Pickerel peg his pants? It's not difficult to imagine his band, The Dark Fantastic, being popular alongside 80's bands like Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, or Dead Can Dance. (Or, for the child of the 90's, Morphine - especially when the saxophone comes gliding in on tracks like "Your Avenue.") The … [Read more...]

Chicken – The Other White Album

ChickenThe Other White AlbumArizona's Chicken are a funny bunch of guys: on their website, their de facto slogan seems to be, "Don't know what it's called, but it sounds like Chicken." More cleverness: the back cover of their new album has a great little line drawing of a skull-and-crossbones, only it's rendered as a chicken head and drumsticks. … [Read more...]

Bonny Billy – More Revery

Bonny BillyMore ReveryAll right, I'm gonna level with you. At first I *really* didn't like the new 6-song EP from Will Oldham (using his 852nd pseudonym). And I felt badly about it, because I kind of convinced DOA to send the record to me for review, even though lots of the other writers wanted it. Other writers who are much better about getting … [Read more...]

Boney Fiend – Super Fiend

Boney FiendSuper FiendSo I am sitting here tired after cleaning my room and I am listening to the new Boney Fiend album that they sent me today. I designed the web page for the Jerk Off Records web page, so that is how I found these dudes. I guess the first thing I can say about this album is holy punk rock, I love this! I didn't know what to … [Read more...]

Block Watch Captain – The Golden Stations

Block Watch CaptainThe Golden StationsPretty disoriented from listening to this record. Some weird stuff going on in there. Not sure this review actually SAYS anything. Will try anyway. For posterity: Block Watch Captain is two brothers, Chris and Drew VanWagner, who live in Kansas City and make records in their basement. This sounds pretty damned … [Read more...]

Beautiful Creatures – S/T

Beautiful CreaturesS/TSometimes the A&R morons just send out a hundred thousand copies of new records to every critic they can find, regardless of that critic's particular tastes or focus. Especially when they've got the muscle of a major label behind them. They can throw a billion dollars behind a bunch of idiot noodles like Beautiful Creatures … [Read more...]

Asher Love – S/T

Asher LoveS/TWhen I first put Asher Love's self-titled CD into my stereo, I thought it was going to be a midwestern, rootsy kind of affair. The cover of the record sports a black and white photo of a small town street, the kind of picture that's hard to place - it could be 1954 or 1974 or 1994. A strange looking man in old-timer glasses is caught … [Read more...]

A.C. Cotton – Half Way Down

A.C. CottonHalf Way DownHow do you feel about The Wallflowers? For me, personally, The Wallflowers are a frustrating band. They are essentially playing rock and roll music, music that touches on pop and soul, with elements of roots, blues and country, but definitely well within the realm of straight up rock and roll. This should be great. My … [Read more...]