Mike Brown and the Sneakies – Big Jealous You

You know those typical youth, angst-type love songs of loss and heartache, painfully honest and painfully true? Here’s a healthy dose of that. Not amateur pop-rock, this guy might actually be in his 20s. You get here short ballads in simple form, with lyrics of a country artist style that sometimes sounds like Weird Al Yankovick singing on a serious level. This CD starts off with Reo Speedwagon’s “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” done acoustic, and I’m not even kidding.
All in all, there is a huge dose of honesty coming through these tracks. Though it remains questionable whether to take songs like “Fuck You ” with a humorous edge or seriously, like most guys, Mike Brown seems to try and put blunt things in a light perspective. With organ, truthful lyrics, and a simple rock n’ roll approach, Mike Brown and the Sneakies put together some good arrangements and catchy songs. He sort of seems like the good kid on the block that kind of let lose and went with it. You know when people have problems and they are saying troubling words but in a sort of calm nature way? It has that lighthearted feeling about it.
So as promising as Mike Brown seems, I can’t help but wonder his age. Early 20s? He can’t be far from the young, angst-riddled years of heartache and single-hood. Instruments range from star, piano, and organ to talk boxes, accordion, and mandolin. “Lower Your Standards,” the sixth track, has a bit of vocal range troubles that are not often seen on the simple songs but show themselves here. I really like the breakdown at the end of the song, though.
There is potential in this album definitely. It has a charm and uplifting texture that country music can sometimes show. Not that it has country detail involved, but it just seems very honest and clear. The mixing and production and all of those things associated with recording seem very clean, clear, and good. I think I will probably find this album silly at times, but with a good listen you’ll find its hidden treasures, especially in the event of a broken heart.