Mappari – High Enough to Notice

High Enough to Notice

Yeehaw for country twang. Not much, but a touch! Even more for the mass of spread across the spectrum. As far as genres go, these guys have elements of them all, all over the place. This being the bands debut full-length after two EPs, it sounds pretty good. Now residing in Boston and originally from New York, Mappari comes as a refreshing sound. To get it out of the way, the name Mappari means “where sound never dies.” The band has been together for four years, and by looking at photographs of the members and listening to their music, it isn’t the easiest to put together.
Undoubtedly, track five, “Far and Wise,” sounds just like the Dave Mathews Band, hooks, vocals, and all. The vocal stylings very much the same throughout the album. Harmonic riffs and slowed timing help this song to stand out very much with a radio-friendly sound. This could very much be due in part to the track scoring No. 1 on for weeks on end. The whole album is full of levity and stays fun regardless of when you’re listening to it.
I was talking with a friend over the weekend who has recently decided to leave the review section out of his zine. When asked why, he said ” there are only so many ways to say the same thing.” This release showed me what he meant. As I researched thoughts on High Enough to Notice, the results were nothing shy of redundant. Not that the reviews are untrue, but the opposite. Everything I could think to say about this band has been said. Their sound is mature, and it seems as if it would be enjoyable to several generations, great for the dance floor and holding the attention of the listener of it’s genre. It is, as an album, a whole, 11 different songs that make up a story and don’t all sound the same. It’s a promising album that’s good for its kind. After all, its got an adorable kid with a tree of broccoli all over it – what else can you ask for?