Magstatic – Cruiseliner


Magstatic had a song on Deep Elm’s Emo Diaries II that definitely rocked and got me interested. I had to look hard to find this album, but it’s definitely worth it. Most of the songs are a little slower, more finely crafted pop songs than the track on Emo Diaries, but this band knows how to rock too. Favorite songs are the faster “Diddy” and the title track. The singer’s unique vocal qualities take a little getting used to, but they fit the music perfectly. At times, he reminds me of former Blind Melon singer Shannon Doon, with high pitches and a wide vocal range. This band creates strong indie pop songs with emotion, leaning toward the emo sound but breaking ground of their own. This is a good buy. The packaging could use some help, although it is environmentally sound.