Maggie Connell – The Luxury of Sadness

Maggie Connell
The Luxury of Sadness

I don’t know what’s worse, Maggie Connell or pubic lice. At least a good deal of enjoyment is had in the receiving of crabs, whereas this release just makes me feel icky. The artwork alone scares the crap out of me. She’s obviously a talented artist, but why such frightful graphics. An old man in a dress standing in a bathtub scratching himself? Ack!
I am told Maggie Connell’s previous Columbia Records band The Heaters were a smash in the 70’s. I suppose this could be a reason why this album feels so out of time. She has sort of a cool Macy Gray thing going on with her voice. Lyrically, she sings of hating and cutting herself, which never serves as a positive listen in my opinion. It’s just sport of misleading in a sarcastically friendly way. Sort of like when someone says some completely obvious answer to a question, as if insulting you and insinuating you hadn’t thought of that aspect.
She also uses many a swear word and haunting background speech. I feel sometimes as if I’m hearing things, and I think she likes that. I suppose there are people who could enjoy this music, but it isn’t even in the vein of, say, Allanis Morriset’s furry. It’s more of a condescending, eerie kind of thing. I feel like she is an evil voice trying to drill some sort of bad message into me.
I tried desperately to give this release a chance. I somewhat enjoyed some of the music, but I just can’t get on the level of this wacko and the psychotic behavioral thing. With song titles such as “I Eat Children,” how can you? It isn’t the typical shock factor that I feel going on either. I think this one is out of her gourd for real. I might have to rid of this CD in some sort of cleansing ritual.