Liquido – S/T


Unfortunately, I don’t know much about this band. They’re European, apparently fairly hot over there, or they have been. And they sound more like an American band than most American bands I know. No accent, no vocal inflection. The only thing that marks them is European is that they’re somewhat behind on what’s popular in America right now. The sound is very one- to two-years ago, straight-forward pop rock with overly produced lyrics, non-offensive rhythms and plenty of backing vocals. Oh, and the keyboard is still a valued instrument, providing electronic organ sounds or chimey background noises.
“I Won’t Try” is a good example, sounding as if it could be by any of a number of bands that have one hit on the radio, open your summer’s festival, and then you never hear from them or remember their name again. It’s not bad, and neither are those other bands. It’s just unoriginal to the nth degree. “Swing It” has a bit more of a bouncy rhythm, and the vocals express themselves here a bit better. “Doubledecker” has the rhythm and style of a Smashmouth song, except for the European girls providing the chorus, a little too sweet and sassy sounding, but this song has a nice rhythm to it. “Wake Me Up” sounds like a Third Eye Blind song with David Bowie singing it. Too weird. “Narcotic” is an annoying 80’s romp. “Ticket to Anywhere,” with it’s “Whoa whoa, yeah yeah” is just ridiculous, especially when the keyboard kicks in. “Saturday Rocks” is apparently a ballad, and it starts with “chicka-chicka-chshhh.” Heh…
There’s nothing new here, nothing very unique, nothing very special. But, then, in their country, it’s easy to see why these guys are a hit. This style is probably fresh and unique there, where they don’t get the deluge of local bands trying to sound alike and get the next big hit. And they play the sound well, mixing it up a little from song to song to keep it interesting.