Kid Brother Collective – Never Trust Yourself EP

Kid Brother Collective
Never Trust Yourself EP

Kid Brother Collective, a four-piece from Flint, Michigan, impressed me with their split 7-inch with Camber last year, and they’re following it up with a three-song EP that just whets your appetite for a full-length album. This EP shows perfectly how the band has managed to combine various styles to create their own. Each song on this CD is different, each showing an impressive amount of emotion and intensity through the emo stylings that I still can’t get enough of. They take a page from bands like The Get Up Kids, Camber, and Jimmy Eat World and take it in a direction all their own.
“Fragile” is, plain and simple, good emo rock. The underlying guitar riff throughout this entire song just rocks hard. It starts slower and bare and picks up, with strong vocals and rhythm, coming at you more straightforward. The vocals have just a hint of the off-tone stylings that made some of the other emo bands famous and that help to convey even more of the emotion of the song. “Would you say that I’ve been sleeping for too long, or is it just the way I see myself is always wrong. And would you tell me if you thought that I had changed, or never even notice if my voice was sounding strange,” singer Brandon Trammell sings.
“This End Up” is a power-pop song pure and simple, with a total punk beat underlaying the whole song, killer guitar riffs and screams, and a fast, head-bobbing beat throughout. “This time I’m giving it back to you, won’t mean the things you say aren’t true, but this I know, you never trust yourself.” This song has more than enough energy for the entire album, with the guitars shining here.
“Ringfinger” will be featured on the band’s full-length (no release date yet). Although “This End Up” is my favorite track on the EP, this one comes close. It’s not as upbeat and fast, but it more than makes up for that in power and emotion. The guitars here are pretty and soft, ala Mineral. From the beginning, the softer, more intimate vocals remind me of those from Jimmy Eat World’s album last year.
I’m definitely looking forward to hearing Kid Brother Collective’s full length album, also to be released on Doom Nibbler. These four guys are obviously out there having fun, but their music has a deeply personal nature as well. And the talent, especially in the guitars on this album, clearly show they are going to get even better.