John Galt – S/T

John Galt, the band, is two twins (Hoey on drums/vocals and Jaredrawk on guitar/vocals (I wish my mom gave me a name like Jaredrawk!)) from Albuquerque, N.M. playing extremely fast, wild hardcore/noise rock. John Galt, the person, wrote romantic classics in the 19th century. John Galt the company does something to do with software and technology.
When John Galt, the band, sent this album for review, they pointed out that I have reviewed Fuel but not Melt Banana, but they forgave me for that. Ok, I can appreciate the subtleties and strong points of both of those points, but I don’t actually have a Melt Banana album. It’s clear John Galt draws their similarities more to the Melt Banana style of furious, off-kilter, hardcore/punk rock. There’s plenty of intensity here, but also a playful attitude that makes it clear this band is having fun. They play loud and fast and chaotic on this 5-song, under 15-minute EP. My only suggestion would be to add some bass to fill out the sound a bit more, but guitar and drums can do an awful lot on their own.
“Superfecta” is fast and furious, with off-kilter vocals that make it all the better, giving an even more chaotic feel to chaotic music, and it’s only 1:16 long. “Boy Expert” changes up by starting slow and droning, until the off-kilter vocals kick in and the music begins driving even faster, loud and harsh, the guitars buried beneath a flurry of drum work. “Chi Core” has excellent guitar work, this time forefront to the drums, and the vocals are a bit more punk-furious. “Wudelco” is just fast and furious rock with the words “wu-del-co” repeated over and over. “Pace Car” starts far more structured and more melodic, building evenly until exploding loud and fast just in time to end the song and this EP.
This is not the kind of music I would have listened to even six months ago. It’s the kind of thing that your mother would say is pure noise. And it is, and that’s fantastic! Sometimes you just want pure noisy hardcore rock. Sure, it’s got rhythm and structure, and that prevents it from being senseless noise. Check out the intense rock that is John Galt. The band, not the writer.