Insiduous – Noon in June

Noon in June

This band is definitely unique, while sounding like a lot of other bands, if you can picture that contradiction. In fact, Insidious is often contradictory. It sounds as if every member of this band sings, sometimes at once, all different things. It goes from fast, driving hardcore ala Boy Sets Fire, complete with screaming, to soft, melodic-yet-dissonant emo-core ala Braid or The Get Up Kids. And sometimes it does it all at once. The drums get you first, driving, changing beats, really setting the scheme for each song.
“Nothing Wrong” starts off slow, kicks into the hardcore sound with screams, slows back down with multiple vocals, goes soft and melodic, then kicks it into high gear again. The title track is more consistent in speed, and it’s also one of the more melodic of the hardcore songs, with just enough screaming and multiple vocals. “The Eight Maps” starts off even louder, screaming vocals, and slows down even slower, with beautiful guitar work and drums that again set the course of this song. It picks up again, screaming and loud and dissonant. This song sounds like Braid and Mid Carson July go hardcore. Hmmm…I don’t know how many times I can say the same thing. “The Waltz in E Major” is more fast hardcore, slowing to melodic yet driving emo-core, speeding up again, going from loud and angry to slow and beautiful. “Franklins” is a much more emo-core song, not quite as loud and harsh, a bit more melodic, definitely my favorite track on the album. And “Follow” is a nice completion, the drums loud and prominent, the vocals a bit more restrained.
The vocals get me most about this album. At times, one person will be singing, another will be shouting, and another will be holding one long note, while the other chimes in with one of those three. It makes for a confusing album that takes some getting used to. It’s obvious these boys borrow from a lot of other bands, and they’re going to be better when they do their own thing, but what they do, they do well.