Indian Summer – Live: Blue Universe

Indian Summer
Live: Blue Universe

Indian Summer were a short-lived early emo/post-hardcore band. From what I hear, they were together from 1993-1994, and they play a style of emo-core that is easy to hear in later bands, both in the hardcore and emo genres. What an interesting album, with no information about the band or label, just a live college radio show taking up an hour and running the gambit from slow and intricate, melodic to fast, screaming hardcore.
The album starts off with the radio introduction and then goes into a 12-minute track that’s amazing, starting with a low drum beat and soft guitar, the vocals coming tortured and passionate. It then builds, driving and powerful, lead by strong guitar work and almost background screaming vocals, just as passionate. The third track starts over a jazz record in the background, starts faster than the previous but still slow and melodic and rhythm-driven. It rocks, building, the vocals hitting you in the face with intensity. The other tracks continue until the seventh, which starts with about four minutes of silence but turns into one of the best emo-core tracks I’ve ever heard, and definitely the most emo. It’s easy to see why Indian Summer is classified as being one of the bands that influenced the sound we call emo. They have all the elements. The fast-slow time changes, the melodic hardcore music, the screaming, passionate vocals, and the great name.
It’s not easy to see why they broke up. The quality to this album isn’t great; it is, after all, a live album. But this is a good album to have in your back catalog.