In My Eyes – Nothing to Hide

In My Eyes
Nothing to Hide

Twelve songs, 19 minutes. That’s about all you have to say to know what In My Eyes is going to sound like. You’ve got 12 songs of fast, emotional hardcore, not especially unique but certainly well done. You know the style. Driving guitars with occasional metal riffs, fast sung vocals (not shouted like a lot of hardcore), powerful rhythm. The kind of stuff that makes you want to leap at your friends and pummel them just for fun. Think Sick of It All, H2O, Kid Dynamite. Ooo, yeah!
One thing I like about this band is their change up of rhythm, stopping and starting, speeding up and slowing down. “Take the Risk” is a nice mix of hard rhythm stopping and pounding. The band manages to throw some stellar guitar work in between all the typical hardcore chug-chug-chug riffs, which is a nice touch. At times the band sounds angry, like on “Nothing to Hide,” and at times just energetic and intense, such as on the impressive “Perspective.” “Can’t Live Through Me” has a punk-rock feel, especially with the backing vocals and the subtle hints of melody. You won’t believe how fast the guitar is in “Making Sense.” And “Welcome to Boston” comes across both powerful and in-your-face, with an almost bouncy rhythm behind the power guitars. “How come it’s me that’s always hurt? How come it’s me that feels like shit?” singer Sweet Pete asks musically on “What’s Wrong With Me?” “Another Way” is probably the most hardcore song here, just straight-out, in-your-face and plenty of swear words. And the guitar again shines on “The Weight of Words,” which is most likely a crowd-pleaser, especially because of the sing-along parts.
It’s hard to find much to say about this style. It’s been done before. Most of the Revelation bands do this style one way or another. It’s really not that unique, and the songs pretty much blend together. Other bands do it better. But In My Eyes are by no means boring or unoriginal, really. The guitars are layered and often quite impressive, and the rhythm section is damn good. The vocals, somewhere between sung and shouted but never losing their coherency, are nice, and the band clearly knows how to put all their energy into their music. If you like the fast, power hardcore style, you’ll dig In My Eyes.