Garrison – The Bend Before the Break EP

The Bend Before the Break EP

This band rocks. How’s that? Go out and buy it, because they rock. The bands that come to mind when I listen to Garrison are Inside, Cross My Heart, Penfold, Mineral, and similar emo-rock bands. That’s right, who said emo was dead, just cuz the P-Ring aren’t doing it anymore. Garrison is the newest, or one of the newest, Revelation bands, and they sound like the Revelation emo-darlings Elliott at times. Mostly they sound like very intense, edgy versions of the bands mentioned above.
“Serious Heavy Drama” has a serious metal riff that surprises me at first but works well with the song. The lyrics are almost too whiny to qualify, but once the chorus and backing vocals kick in, it’s less noticeable. “Harlow” is probably the best track, with plenty of driving guitar, multiple vocals, and more emotional, passionate lyrics. This song reminds me of Cross My Heart the most in its song structure and style. “Aside from Bleeding” is predominantly instrumental, kicking in with a line of vocals as the music becomes harder and more intense at the end for a very chaotic yet powerful effect. “You’re Devastated, I’m Sure” is perhaps the most original song, blending hardcore and emo with straight-ahead power rock. The vocals go from sweetly-sung to screaming for a nice effect and without sounding forced. The last track, cleverly titled “Untitled,” is long and straight-forward, rocking in parts, slower in parts, not especially original but well done.
Ok, so The Bend Before the Break isn’t one of the most original albums out there. Yeah, it’s got that Revelation emo-rock sound. Yeah, you’ve got other albums that will do. But this is a good, solid EP.