Franklin – Go Kid Go / Building in A and E

Go Kid Go / Building in A and E

I bought this album, “Go Kid Go”, because I read quite a bit about Franklin. I heard that they combined emo-sounding post-hardcore rock with reggae, jazz, and grooves. It sounded like a great combination. Unfortunately, that all happened after Go Kid Go. This album, the Philadelphia band’s first full-length released in 1995, is Fugazi-ish, Get Up Kids-ish emo-esque adrenalin-fueled rock. So it’s not bad. It sounds very rough, poorly produced, but it’s laden with hooks, good guitar riffs, and decent vocals. I’m just waiting to hear this groove Franklin.
So I finally found Franklin’s second album, “Building in A and E” and expected to hear all sorts of dub and reggae mixed in with their style of riotous emo-core rock. I was a little dissappointed. The first track picks up where Go Kid Go left off and shows a maturing, improvement of sound. It’s fast and loud and fun. Track two does throw in a little groove sound, slowing things down. Then the album moves about that confusing pace: fast then slow and grooving. I don’t really hear reggae or dub, but more of a little funk sound thrown in. I like the sound, it works for the band, but I think their faster, more intense sound was more their style. I take this album as a transitional work, bridging the gap between Go Kid Go and their new album to be released in September. It’s quite good, but not cohesive, as if they’re still developing a sound all of their own. One track throws in some random noise and talking, which I dislike on an album. The album also is short, barely 30 minutes, making it more of an EP. But keep an eye on this Philadelphia band.