End It – Meet Your Maker

End It
Meet Your Maker

End It plays metal. That being said, I realized I don’t listen to enough metal, because me, being the silly hardcore poser that I am, thought metal and metalcore were one and the same. Yeah, I know, I’m goofy like that. Anyway, I had a flashback from my pop-punk days. I looked at the name and saw that they liked Entombed and thought, “icky, it’s a metal band.” Well, picture me sticking my foot in my mouth.
If you think this is going to be a review praising End It’s musical prowess, it’s not. They’ve got the guitar tuned down to C for this one, and it is in-your-face rock. They start this disc off with “Drink to the Ruined,” which has the lyrics: “A monument to Apathy / A disgrace to mankind / the only time I know what’s real is when I’m drinking myself blind.” Not exactly intellectual lyrics, but hey, he’s growling so fiercely it took me a while to even decipher the lyrics. The thing that is missing is the double bass pedal on the drums. I don’t hear it, and it’s the only thing not stereotypically metal on the CD. “Out of Hand” is End It’s tribute to Entombed, their favorite band as indicated by the liner notes, which say: Entombed (The Best Band in the World!).
The rest of the CD is repetitive: two notes from the guitar, and it’s so distorted you can’t really make out the chord changes anyway. More lyrics about breaking stuff and getting lied to. The last two songs are “Nightmare,” written by Testament and “Three Years” by Three Years from Now Means Nothing.
Well, to put it bluntly, if you like this kind of stuff, you’ll like this CD, but if you don’t, well, then you’re not missing much. These guys play metal, but I don’t like metal all that much. It’s much too similar, although my emo friends make the same statement about hardcore, the wankers. End It is loud, abrasive, and tough looking, everything a good metal band should be. As for me, though, I think I’ll go back and find my Christiansen CDs now.