Earlimart – Filthy Doorways

Filthy Doorways

Wow, I’m totally unsure how to describe this band. And, as you can tell from the length of some of these reviews, it’s not often that I’m short of words. Apparently, Earlimart is named for a town (named, oddly enough, Earlimart – I would have thought an Earlimart was a convenience store) that is so boring, kids used to fill water balloons and leave them in the street until cars came by and hit them. Well, I suppose there’s nothing to do in towns like that but listen to music and make music.
“Kill Your Parents” is a punk-rock title but not a punk-rock song. It’s pop-rock in the background with fuzzed-out vocals drawling overtop. And then “Heaven” is slower and softer with bursts of noise hitting you throughout. This is a very Pixies-ish song with a folky feel to it. “Dorian Gray” is mellow and morose, with little noises following throughout. “I’m a Queen” is another punk-rock name, but this song is slow and pretty indie-rock, ala Low. There’s even some cool fiddle noises here. “Someday You’re Gonna Love Me” is country-folk, with those twangy, metal-sounding guitars that old country always had. “Pensacola, Fla.” is another Low-style track, with soft bass reverb in the background. This also reminds me of some of the more mellow Sonic Youth tracks. Then there’s “Punk Rock Mom,” another country song as the band admits in the lyrics. But then “Punk Rocker” is more of a punk rocker, in a Sonic Youth distortion sort of way.
Earlimart would be popular for fans of Sonic Youth and Sparklehorse and Low. It’s indie rock at just about its most diverse. Most of these songs are slower, however, and morose in a moody way that only the best music can carry out. And that’s what makes indie rock so good – it’s diversity and uniqueness. Earlimart is nothing if not talented, and nothing if not unique.